NACHI's 2006 tax return filed today... we grossed over $300,000.00 more than 2005.

We took in $300,008.00 more in revenue while spending $50,000 less in payroll. NACHI’s total payroll for 2006 was only $140,500. Fewer staffers doing way more work.

The “poor housing market” improved our efficiency :cool: .


Time to ask for a Raise…


Nick, I would be more than happy to be a tax write off for Nachi. :mrgreen:

For as long as I’ve known Nick I’ve never had to buy my own lunch or coffee or anything. He always buys for staff out of his own pocket. He also lets me use his toys, like the Vette when I want.

Nick has always been about benefits.

Keep up the good work.

Since I now know what NACHI’s revenue increase was for 2006 as well as payroll expense, why not tell us what the federal tax ID number is? How 'bout some Social Security Numbers too??? :cool:

Ben, Federal tax ID#'s are required on all corporate tax returns. See box D on the first page of any of the returns made public.