NACHI's 2007 Convention Schedule

The vacant spots will be filled up today!!!

Where is Bill M.??


I know you and Nick worked hard on this, Great Job!!

Who cares!!

I don’t see any of the Canadian speakers. No Bill, no Claude :roll:

It is a great looking schedule…too bad it isn’t going to happen in Winter…

Next year Winter convention perhaps?

Toronto is beautiful in May.

lol…looks like to me they need a class on Advanced Grounding and Bonding up their in Canada…lol…

Looks like a great weekend, looking forward to being there

So what NIck… I am beautifull all the time!!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: ( This is what I tell myself):mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Seriously,Looking forward to this show!

You mean the show Bill is going to put on? Or the show Nachi is going to put on? :mrgreen:

I’m sure it is beautiful…have been there in May in fact, but that was before I was in Growth Stage…when in Growth Stage my number 1 rule is not to leave during the busiest of times…at any cost.

Maybe next year…