NACHI's Denver Chapter doing pre-listing inspections by the hundreds.

Last night Jim Michael who does about 13 inspections a week reported that for 2007 (since we’ve been pushing pre-listing inspections), the number of his inspections that he’s doing for sellers (instead of buyers) has reached 30% of his business.

Jim Krumm reported that he hit the 20% mark in 2007. Jim reported $21,740.00 in gross income for the month of May (He works alone with no employees) of which just over $4,000 came from sellers. Jim uses the sample letters found in to generate listing inspection work.

When I spoke at the north GA Chapter, at least one of our inspectors there was doing Listing Insps almost exclusively in his business & is thrilled.
I’ve been making a dent around here, but it’s still a slower sell, so far.

Seller inspections kicked in last year in the Atlanta Chapter. 70% of the inspectors in that chapter are doing seller inspections regularly.