NACHI's message board breaks more all-time records in May.

I am pleased to announce that this message board had 323 users on it at one time (an all-time record) at 9:30pm on May 6th, 2006.

This message board also hit its 50,000th post since the first of the year (when we launched the new message board). That is over 11,000 new posts per month!

Those record numbers are great - They show how useful the message board is, for finding good answers to tough questions, and for figuring out what’s next in growing your inspection business.

The downside is that it’s too time-consuming to keep up with the message board. By the time I do a day full of inspecting and writing reports, plus family life, there is not enough time for much more than a glance at the message board. I know I’m missing a lot. There are usually threads that I want to get involved in but I just don’t have time.

11,000 posts per month works out to about 367 posts per day. I try to hit the “New Posts” link near the top of the message board almost every day - the number of new posts has never been that high, usually more like 75. But even that is too many for me. I’m not complaining, just trying to figure out how to handle the info overload from the message board.

Nick, was that actual posts or hits?
367 a day sounds like an awful lot!