NACHI's new 3 Mistakes brochure... which one do you like?

The Pink Brochure comes up Orange on my monitor.

I would suggest the Blue.

As a Suggestion…

Insert a Modifiable field to insert conmpany Info on the back of the Field under the Caption:

[size=4]“Inspected once,[/size]

[size=4]Inspected right”


BLUE, but I think the Orange line at the bottom is distracting.

BLUE - the orange / blue contrast is GREAT!


The purple one…opps I mixed them together…Blue then

I like the Orange.

I don’t know why :mrgreen:

I had a blue brochure and a “beige brochure”

The “beige” brochure was much nicer.


Well, I don’t like either one. I don’t think that the word “Deadly” is applicable. The word “Critical” would be better.

“Deadly” seems a little over the top.

IMHO :slight_smile:


Blue Is the colour of POWER!


I liked the orange/beige brochure, brighter and more contrast.

BLUE is much nicer

I’ll have to go “GATOR BLUE” too! :slight_smile:

Pink - Better contrast

I do not particularly think 3 deadly mistakes is the right approach. I revised and made it 3 costly mistakes. Nothing about the 3 is remotely deadly. With the exception of a cheap inspection by a non-qualified inspector not doing due diligence for the client. Anybody else, outside of post #9, think this is a bit overboard and misleading statement?

Hey, its advertising!

I also edited it to “3 Critical mistakes” and some of the text as well.
Try it out…

They both come up blue/the same on my computer, and I know there’s nothing wrong with my computer. I guess that means I like the blue??? Kyle Ligon, Infrared Property Inspections