NACHI's Nick Gromicko quoted in this weekend's USA Today.

Life Section, page 4 D, under Real Estate section in article titled: Environmental risks, you ask? by Maria Puenpe.

What, no link?

You have spoiled us, Nick.

Here is the pdf copy. I was also interiewed for this article. But ole “newshog” Nick beat me out again. :smiley:

In regards to the article… Is NACHI working with the various Environmental Data providers to hammer out a deal where NACHI members can provide this information within their reports?

Here in Florida it is not the environmental concerns that have a potential to mire deals as much as discovering the cost to insure the home, in some cases the yearly insurance premiums are greater then the real estate taxes.

In any case, this article does lend credence to the notion that Home Inspectors in the future will be relied upon to provide more information within our reports then we currently do, hopefully we will be allowed to receive increased compensation for our efforts. BTW, Nice work Nick. :wink:


Joe Burkeson… ask and you shall receive:

Nick may be a media whore, but he’s our media whore.

Nice going, Nick.