NACHI's relationship with Vendors

Bill get real… You have been a Member since 2004 so WHY?

I for one need vendors and the good deals that come with what Nick has done.

Bill, name a vendor who ever paid me a penny… or apologize.

Here… call them all.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Bill writes:

Uh, no. You publicly told a horrible lie about another fine organization and another man. I don’t see how your company or you believe in ethics or integrity if you are willing to tell a horrible lie about others.

Here are the names of the organizations you are associated with:

Blue Water Home Inspection
Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Ontario (PHPIO)

You bring dishonor to them.

Bill, if you are not a member, why do you have InterNACHI’s logo on your website?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Things found on a Home Inspection

Good looking furnace eh

Buying a house is a fun, thrilling and sometimes stressful time for most home buyers. Not knowing all the facts about a potential property purchase can have lasting effects for years to come and end up costing you, the buyer, thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.

Would you purchase a vehicle without first having it inspected by a certified mechanic? Of course not. Then why gamble with the largest investment that most people will probably ever make? That’s exactly what you are doing by not getting a pre purchase home inspection done performed by a properly certified home inspector.

Bluewater Home Inspections can alleviate some of the stresses involved with purchasing a new house. We offer a comprehensive inspection of all facets of the property. We also encourage all potential homebuyers to accompany us on the inspection so that we may answer any questions you have relating to your future property. The inspector will take the time to explain any concerns about the property, and will educate you on what maintenance is required to keep your new home in pristine condition. By attending the inspection you will gain the maximum benefit of the entire inspection process.

After the home inspection is complete, the inspector will provide you a verbal explanation of any deficiencies found on the property. A clear and concise written copy of the report is prepared and delivered within one business day. Our written reports are not a checklist type report, which are cluttered and difficult to read. A report from Bluewater Home Inspection is a comprehensive, easy to read report with pictures and visual diagrams to explain conditions found in the house and probable causes of any deficiencies.

A Bluewater Home Inspection will arm you with the first hand knowledge needed give you the confidence to make the correct decision on your next property purchase.

<LI class=MsoNormal>Real Estate Pre-Purchase Inspections
<LI class=MsoNormal>Pre-Listing and Renovation Inspections
<LI class=MsoNormal>Prompt, Professional Service
<LI class=MsoNormal>24 hr. Availability
<LI class=MsoNormal>Homes and Cottages
<LI class=MsoNormal>Residential and Commercial Inspections
<LI class=MsoNormal>More than **10,000 **inspections performed
<LI class=MsoNormal>All inspections conform to or exceed the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
<LI class=MsoNormal>Home Inspection is our only business. We do not perform repairs or renovations, nor do we refer clients to specific contractors
<LI class=MsoNormal>Our report is typically 15 to 20 page narrative report, supported by photographs, videotapes, and technical data sheets as required. Reports are in the clients hands within 24 hours of the inspection *
<LI class=MsoNormal>3 to 4 hours spent on average at inspection site
<LI class=MsoNormal>Cost ranges from $300 to $600 (Average is $350.00)
<LI class=MsoNormal>Inspection covers Roof, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Air Conditioning, Insulation, Plumbing and Interior
<LI class=MsoNormal>Partial or Specific Inspections and / or Written Opinions are available
<LI class=MsoNormal>“Value Engineering” services available

  • Two inspectors at most inspections
  • If necessary, we can prepare an onsite checklist report, but due to the limitations and inferiority of this type of report we do not promote this practice. An on-site printed summary is available.[1].gif

** Tel (519) 383-1083 Fax (519) 383-1652**

Jeeze Bill, you have InterNACHI all over your site. You even have our Infrared Certified Logo on your site and links to InterNACHI. Are you sure you’re not a member?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Bill writes:

Really? Then why do you keep InterNACHI’s logo and links all over your site? Why do you brag about being an InterNACHI member on your site? Why do you have an Infrared Certified logo on your site? The Infrared Certified designation requires InterNACHI membership too.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Tell you what. You take me off your membership list as I asked two months ago, , and stop all of the annoying spam as I have asked long ago and I’ll have all NACHI logos off my site by the end of the week. NACHI membership is surely nothing to brag about. Your Lisa demanded that the logos stay on my site a year ago when I actually foolishly thought it made sense to be a NACHI member.

Bill Mullen


I think you should also renounce CMI considering it too is a sham!

Some of these antics are just like the way OAHI operates.

I would also like to mention that Mr. Phillip Botriell Director and Treasurer of OAHI is not a man of his word. I have a letter signed by Mr. Bottriel one other director and an employee of Mr. Bottriell’s stating that my appeal fee will be returned! Liar, liar pants on fire! Have been waiting since Sept for return of the $300, calls and letters to OAHI remain unanswered!

I would not be putting too much faith in RHI anymore because OAHI can no longer defend the title, it has no money to do so nor the will given the rot at the top and the questionable bookkeepping, and manipulation of proxies, no services, no benefits, no nothing. Yes RHI is as meaningless as CMI, and CHI!

“Yon Bill ( and Ray) doth protest too much!”

You guys must really fear Canachi to be trying so hard to kill it!:roll: As for using ‘reputation’ to build Canachi . That is probably a reputation best left undisturbed!:shock:

A real ‘mover and shaker’ in the Canadian industry would be spending his time as a uniter and not constantly trying to pull competing organizations apart.

George no one is trying to kill anything, but rather the associations seem intent and very good at destroying themselves. No one to blame but the various managements of the respective associations. The members only wish to be like Lemmings because they cannot think beyond what they are fed.

"but this thread has unquestionably ruined any chance CanNACHI ever had of being accepted as a credible, ethical organization in Canada."

Seems like a pretty good attempt at ‘character assassination’ to me. But then the author is known, as you have so many times pointed out, for jumping to conclusions. As CANACHI hasn’t even been officially birthed yet, so the intent of that statement is quite clear. I guess that anti-OAHI organization is not making the inroads the founders had hoped. As Nick has said many times, home inspection organizations will get nowhere if all they do is present a negative image to prospective members.


What it boils down to is people/members being assured that their organization(s) are being managed in a responsible and ethical manner. The evidence thus far indicates this is not the case. Without outside oversite anything goes. When the issues are raised for discussion or actions the reaction is; shut-up we are in control, you don’t have rights, your questions do not have to be answered, and we know whats best and take our word for it we are in control and all is right with the world!

People pay good money to belong to their respective associations. I don’t understand why members have to be denied answers, due process or respect at the hands of benevolent dictators if I can phrase it that way. It seems if many like to be mistreated, its as if they are into SM. :wink:

"When the issues are raised for discussion or actions the reaction is; shut-up we are in control, you don’t have rights, your questions do not have to be answered, and we know whats best and take our word for it we are in control and all is right with the world!"

I’m confused. Are you talking about OAHI or the new spin off (OHAPI?). Many take themselves, their reputations and their organizations far too seriously.:mrgreen:

It appears that CAHPI, ASHI, NCP, OAHI, OAHPI, and PHPIO all have 3 things in common…

Few membership benefits.
Dwindling membership.
Bill Mullen, who goes on other association’s message boards and tells lies.

Keep up the good work Bill… I owe ya! LOL!

Hi Nick,

I guess it depends on what membership benefits one is looking for or in need of.

However, I must concur that OAHI has no benefits I challenge anyone from OAHI who posts here to prove otherwise.

As to dwindling membership I believe that is true for OAHI given their dismal inability to account and act as a self regulating body. For too long they have ripped members off. It finally came down to a substantial membership fee increase to wake up the sleeping apathetic members. They finally realized that there fees were not bringing them any tangible benefits but further costs to participate in a clique.

As to Bill Mullen going on other message boards and lying I have to refute that because I know of two other boards where Bill is posting and I don’t recall him lying about you or Nachi. But maybe you are on a board that I am not on to read something he may have posted.

Again membership is based on what best serves the members. Some will find Nachi benefits more to their liking while others will like ASHI, or conversley PHPIO or CAHPI/NC. However given that there is no requirement to belong to any association in Ontario the point is moot because no one has to join to practice inspections, and lets face it there are other discussion boards which offer free participation and the info is just as valuable as Nachi discussion board.

Btw I did rejoin ASHI and it took longer than 30 seconds. I must admit though that as far as getting responses in a timely manner ASHI has not disappointed and Nachi is also very good at membership response.


"As to Bill Mullen going on other message boards and lying I have to refute that because I know of two other boards where Bill is posting and I don’t recall him lying about you or Nachi."

Ray . . . . . . is your nose growing?:D;-)


If you don’t mind my saying, the link on your website: is Japanese…

All the best to you and yours in the New Year!


I would not want people who trust me to go to the real NACHI site to be exposed to the racketeering, bull**** and ‘Making-Nick-Rich’ schemes.

I am happy to report that since I have left the NACHI membership I have received many e-mails and phone messages thanking me. Apparently I have embarrassed a lot of people by leaving my name connected to Nick’s Barnum and Bailey show.

Nick has exposed the ugly underbelly of NACHI which includes unethical and illegal racketeering, lies to members who naively believe they are qualified to inspect houses after a 15 to 30 minute online quiz. (depending on your stupidity)

I genuinely pity the well trained and qualified NACHI members, because you are bundled in with those who incredibly think that Nick can annoint you immediately as a ‘Certified’ inspector even if you have been a butcher all your life. That is a crock of crap and deep down you all know it.

Good job, Nick. You have thousands of lemmings whom really believe you can make them credible if they send you a cheque.

Your bull**** to the CanNACHI group has them thinking they will get some recognition. Unfortunatley, that will not happen, because it’s all based on you Ponzi scheme.

I laughed out loud when I saw the first message to the CanNACHI forum which just happened to be a promotion for Allen Cavdek’s school. …all part of your Ponzie scheme and Allen thinks he’ll make money. Unfortunately, his very unetheical approach won’t make him a cent once you apply the Gromicko ‘claw-back.’

All the best

Bill Mullen