NACHI's Standards of Practice now ships free with InspectVue, and for good reason.

I was wrong.

Todd, you are wrong. They do NOT supply NAHI’s or ASHI’s.

Anyone who uses NAHI’s and especially ASHI’s is just asking to lose a lawsuit. ASHI’s new version is even worse. ASHI just changed their SOP again and it is even dumber than before.

5.1.A.1. changed “The inspector shall inspect roof covering” (shingle condition) to “The inspector shall inspect roofing” (everything used to construct the roof). Wow… I bet the plaintiff’s attorneys are gonna love that change.

13.2.F.2. added *“Inspectors are not required to describe or report any system or component which is not included in these standards AND was not inspected.” *In court this will be interpreted to mean that Inspectors ARE required to describe and report any system or component which is not included in the standards IF it was inspected. That means that inspectors that notice something outside the standard (like missing swimming pool tiles) or inspectors who run the dishwasher as a courtesy, are now responsible for reporting these.

ASHI really has the least legally defensible Standards of Practice imagineable.

“I abide by ASHI’s Standards of Practice” = “I’m too stupid to inspect… sue me out of business please.”

“I abide by ASHI’s Standards of Practice” = “I’m too stupid to inspect… sue me out of business please.”

Come on Nick that’s just stupid!

I MUST follow AZ ASHI’s SOP. So you are saying?

Go here and take a look :

Brian Kelly posted the new rules for HI’s about a week ago and they are much more stringent than any NACHI SOP. Hey, I have no use for ASHI either , but in our case(AZ) we have no choice.

Hey has Mr. Killey contacted you yet?:p:p:p

OOOps , sorry this is the NACHI marketing thread:roll:

You are a funny guy Nick!:smiley:

My bad

To keep the record straight Todd, our software has never supplied ASHI, NAHI, SOP’s, etc.


  1. You are mistaken.

The law in Arizona requires you to abide by the "Arizona Standards of Practice" (which is an Arizona State modified version based on ASHI’s 1992 version). The "Arizona Standards of Practice" is a separately titled document (and actually quite different than ASHI’s new SOP) and the "Arizona Standards of Practice" is the Standards of Practice you must abide by and reference BY LAW in your state, NOT ASHI’s.

You’ve been breaking the law in your state.

  1. You are also mistaken about Porter Valley Software having always included NAHI’s and ASHI’s Standards. They have not. They include the NACHI Standards of Practice, NOT NAHI’s or ASHI’s.

You were mistake about that as well… ask Dr. Keith Swift pointed out.

I appoligize Nick I was wrong.

Ok you got me on the PV sop’s. I really did think they came with the program. My bad.

Here is the cover of the AZ SOP, The cover of my hard copy from the BTR says AZ ASHI SOP, but after reading this statement I guess I will go home and sit in the corner for awile. :roll::wink:


For Arizona Home Inspectors

 **Adopted by AZ ASHI Effective January 1, 2002 **

The Arizona Standards of Practice are adopted from the  American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) 1992 Standards of Practice, through  the Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors, with Arizona  made modifications and amendments. The Arizona Board of Technical Registration  gratefully acknowledges the assistance and permission of the American Society of  Home Inspectors, and the assistance of the Arizona Chapter of the American  Society of Home Inspectors.

Interesting thread. This has been puzzling me, so let me ask. Can we as AZ NACHI adopt the AZ Standards of Professional Practice For Home Inspectors, and then print our own copies with a NACHI logo on them???

Good question Brian, but I would be willing to bet that the local ASHI police might be offended.

That would make it even better Todd.:twisted: :wink:

Brian , does your hard copy say AZ ASHI SOP??

Brian, you certainly may add the NACHI logo, but I would keep its lawful title the same, that being “The Arizona Standards of Practice”. The title of the Standards of Practice mandated in Arizona is “The Arizona Standards of Practice” not NACHI’s, not ASHI’s*.* Nor would I renumber it. The Arizona Standards of Practice has its own unique numbering.

Todd, This from the AZ BTR site and your own post, demonstrating that the Arizona Standards of Practice is a different, separately titled document which Arizona inspectors must both reference and abide by, by law:

“The Arizona Standards of Practice are adopted from… with Arizona made modifications and amendments…”

I got that and I appoligized for my mistake.

I swear my hard copy of the AZ SOP says:


**I got them in 2003, and I ordered them from a link on the BTR’s site, maybe they came from the local ASHI folks. I do not know.

Anyway, everything NACHI does helps reduce our member’s liability. NACHI is the best… and the underwriter of all the E&O insurance in our industry has actuaries that have their a$s and their money on the line… say so.

It all helps:

Our Keith Swift
Our attorneys
Our pre-inspection agreement
Our Standards of Practice
Our Entrance Requirements
Our Education
Even this message board…

all help to limit our liability.

AIG (the underwriter for the home inspection industry’s Error and Omissions insurance) and one of the largest corporations in the world has actuaries that say so…

AIG doesn’t give discounts to ASHI or NAHI members. ASHI and NAHI members must pay upwards of $1,000.00/year, every year for the privelage of NOT joining NACHI.

AIG’s actuaries give deep discounts to ONLY NACHI members… for good reason.

According to Crittenden’s, an insurance industry analyst, NACHI members pay about $1,600 less than other home inspectors for $500,000 in coverage.

Like I’ve said before, if you are not a member of NACHI… you are probably too stupid to inspect. :slight_smile:

No inflection;)

Is that all members combined?