NACHI's Standards of Practice now ships free with InspectVue, and for good reason.

It really does not matter.

2 mill + a year in dues?? Holy crap Nick.

I am not certain on this but doesent a “non profit” have to put all of its proceeds back into the org.??

Every penny. and then some (we spend much more than we take in each year and have use of some market-pricey assets that we don’t have to pay for). How do you think we got to be the biggest and best?

And by the way, yes any inspector out there that throws away $100 per month, every month (and is just one NACHI when they could be taking that money home to their family instead of giving it to some insurance agent… is really too stupid to inspect IMHO.

Ben, Crittenden’s figure is $1,600.00 savings per NACHI member per year and NACHI dues are only $289/year, so with just this one NACHI alone, NACHI members save $100/month, every month… or put another way… without just this one NACHI benefit alone, non-members throw away $100/month, per non-member, every single month, non-member after non-member, month after month (millions of dollars!)… out of stupidity. A level of stupidity that prohibits them from being competent inspectors IMHO. :roll:

Poor Inflection :twisted: . Why can we as AZ NACHI not adopt the AZ SOP and print them with the NACHI LOGO???

To me, a rather plebeian NACHI member it would seem more productive to embed NACHI in the State requirements than push As Seen On TV Vendor BS, i.e. Mold, EMF, Radon, Asbestos, Poltergeists, Etc.

Todd they come from ASHI. Because they are better orginized.:slight_smile: :twisted: :roll:

Nick I realize your paradigm was formed with Dick Tracy, 1940’s east coast norm. But you have now relocated to the the prairie of the Midwest, at least you could move on to Raymond Chandler, 1940,s LA, and get a little closer to current American Culture.:wink: :twisted:

The problem with this message board is that I can’t transmit inflection. If you ever met me in person you would quickly realize that much of what I say is said with a smile on my face.

When I say that “any non-member who throws away thousands and thousands of dollars instead of joining NACHI is probably too dumb to do inspections”… I’m somewhat joking around. Behind every joke lies some truth though.

It won’t matter for much longer anyway. NACHI is bit by bit becoming the sole trade association for the inspection industry. Other associations continue to suffer negative growth in both member benefits and members. Although, looking at current growth trends, NACHI will succeed at having all of N. America becoming *planetNACHI *on our own, within the next 8 months, we’re getting outside cavalry reinforcement from the flank, just to make sure. Chris Morrell and I have been working for years, laying the groundwork to take over the entire real estate multi-list system for all of N. America. When that cavalry comes over the hill what little is left of other associations will be completely wiped out. Unfortunately at that point, I won’t have non-member inspector’s intelligence to crack jokes about anymore… there won’t be non-members. Non-members will either have to join NACHI, move overseas, or go out of business (adapt, migrate, or perish). And that is no joke.

Nick, as usual, you are correct.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Fair enough I will delete my previous post.:cool:

Don’t do it… What would it benefit if a man was to gain the whole world and loose his sense of humor? :smiley:

Guy’s since day one in business I have copied and printed my own AZSOP I took off all references to ASHI and it is just the AZSOP. I am a member of both organizations but have never given acknowledgment to anyone but the State of Arizona for the SOP’s. I was told long ago by the BTR that it has to state that IT is the AZSOP so that is all it is in my reports. The only bad thing is to print it up in its form without ASHI it is 12 pages long so that adds 12 pages to the back of your report. It also saves a lot of money in printing or buying them from Cole Goldberg (ASHI):slight_smile: