NACHI's Western States Director is Green

Our company is off-grid using solar power as our energy source. In the summer months this supplies more than 95% of our power.

Is there another inspection company out there that is Green?

When I set up my own property it’s going to be all off the grid. I’m also looking into lots of alternative building methods including earth berms and other similar methods.

That is excellant. Off-grid gives you near total control. Our company has been off-grid since 1999 and has grown every year. If you have any questions please give me a call. There is a toll free number on my website. Best wishes.

Bruce - You might be interested in this:

I met the organizers in October, and they seemed to put a lot of effort into including as many different sectors of the real estate industry as possible. They asked me to attend as an inspector, but it was in December which is just too busy with other stuff for me. Maybe next time. Somehow my name has gotten out there in Colorado, for inspecting places with solar and other alternative setups.

Also, this place: is close to me and has gotten a lot of media exposure for their efficient designs.

Thanks for the info James. I love concrete as long as I don’t have to install it myself.

Green is my niche. I’m an Ecobroker affiliate and have articles on their website. I’ll inspect strawbales and earthen homes (not that there’s a lot of call for it). I share an office with the Boulder Green Building Guild.

Boulder is one of only three cities in the US to have a mandatory green building program for residential (Frisco TX and Boston). There are OTG homes scattered through the mountains here because we get about 300 days of sun a year.

Thank you Bruce. You will be first on my list to call when I secure my acreage.

Take care!

aaaaaaaaaaaand you’ll be next! :slight_smile:

There is a huge call for it here on the Olympic Peninsula and I am extremely interested in seeing what part of the pie I can get into.

I’m very interested currently in creative financing for five acres of view property (panoramic view of canal, Seattle, Rainier, and Baker)with a tiny little mobile on it, all for $75,000 full of old growth timber. It has all the utilities etc. does anyone know if it would be better to pull the mobile off of it since it’s not in very good shape and try to finance it as raw land or as a construction loan? I actually would like to get this financed as quickly as possible before this guy changes his mind. He wants to be cashed out although has thrown around ideas of carrying. I’d feel more secure cashing out however.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: Things are looking up!

You can still have the trailer and get a construction loan. Beware - construction loans are very intrusive and limit your control over the construction process (and your ability to “deal” on differant aspects).