Nacho 2008 convention, is it lost in cyberspace or

at the dead end of nachos dead end highways?

Nick your reputation is getting a bad rap by many in the HI profession:roll: :roll:

I tried :wink: to defend you, unfortunately every defense I had for you fell on deaf ears, :roll:

The talk from some in the know believe you been banned from every convention place and cannot have a convention anywhere, even a Denny’s rest.:roll:

Others stated that they spoke to several vender’s and none of them were aware of it:roll:

Heck, I thought this was unbelievable, Some of the venders said, Who is nachi??

One stated that he asked every ASHI higher up and nobody was aware that ASHI asked you to wait:roll:

I’m running out of excuses for you,You gotta help me and tell us this info is not true:roll:


Our Chapter meetings are bigger than ASHI’s entire convention.


You just can’t make this up…

That’s almost as funny as Bushart stating there’s 51 states…



There are 51 states plus the District of Columbia.

I’ll bite, what is the 51st state? :shock:

I’m not sure where it is, but the I know only way to get there is by taking the Marrakesh Express. :wink:

Well, that takes me back to my college days. Marrakesh Express played in the dorm daily. That was a different state indeed, but I don’t think that state was a land mass! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If Nick says it, it MUST be true


Hey Beefheart and dharris, is this true?

Just read this comment on another HI board:

**ASHI show in New Orleans was pretty good, though low turnout

**And this one

I heard that attendance in N.O. was way down from previous years.

What benefit is derived from making fun of a hole in a boat in which you are a passenger? Based on the prevailing conditions what would make you think the results would be different for any other home inspection association?

Like it or not we are all in this together, sure the association wars can continue unabated but expect that everyone will be faced with a troop shortage.

The 51st state is the moon. We went there and stuck our flag in it. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. I consider it to be U.S. territory. :smiley:

Nick – are you the self-proclaimed Governor of the 51st state? Seems like you might have a good following with your disciples.

I would like some sort of appointment to a position of power. And require that I get to fly 1st class to and from Earth :wink:

Yes we are and a thinning of the herd is likely IMHO.

And of course the state song would be… The Dark Side of the Moon :wink:

Now that’s believable …:sarcasm:

The inspection industry herd may be thinning but what’s left is joining the right pack:

As a trade association, we’re having great start to 2008 any which way you look at it. Members joining, hits, posts, page views, new stuff , events , and our classes are all packed:

Should be our best year ever.

Hey Beefheart and dharris, is this true?

I honestly don’t know the #s from prior yrs.
I understand there were apx 700 registered at NO.
Considering in AZ alone there are over 30% less inspectors than last yr. it sounds like a good # to me.

Now if you want to compair orgs.
Per reliable sources that were there, Nicks last convention in Canada had apx 70 registered.:roll:
That was with free ed.:roll: :roll: :roll:

I’m proud to belong to an org where my fellow, member/ competitors realize the value of getting quality ce from seasoned inspectors/ professionals, opposed to nicks version of free ce where 2 yr wonder boys are qualified to teach what they learned from a book, opposed to ashi’s requirements of real life, in the field experience.

YES I am aware of Gerry’s and some of nachos other qualified professional inspectors knowledge and experience that also provided info.
These guys are entitled to being properly compensated. Unfortunatly nachos version is give ce away for free,

End result nick has more $s in his pocket, his members get short changed on what is the most valuable item, to be, and remain succesful in this profession, and 2 yr wonders are the nacho chosen ce providers.:roll:

Some are very aware there is nothing free if it has any value at all.

Some want to belive otherwise. Majority of them will be gone or sued out of business in a short period of time…


How does all that help the members??:roll: :roll:

Each line in helps some members somewhere. Each event in helps the members who attend that particular event.

Granted, not all are of use to each and every member but that is why we have so many. Pick what you like. More in And even more announced here and there on the message board.

Dan writes

What’s unfortunate about free continuing education?

Dan writes

Beats the shazam 2 minute wonders who fill out this online application in less than 2 minutes: No experience, education, or testing required. Just a credit card. How shameful!