Nacho 2008 convention, is it lost in cyberspace or

Hey Dan, at our next major event we’re having an egg timer race to see who can join ASHI the fastest using their come-only-with-a-credit-card online application

Want to enter the race?

Dan writes

Heck, we had 70 last week in Dallas All paid $150 a pop. Not too bad for a 1 day event, huh?

Geez, they’re hurting so bad that even their online application page is whored out to one of their bed-buddy vendors?! Sounds like the golden shower of “Golden Tickets” isn’t filling up their coffers …

My money is on the legally-blind dog!:lol:

Ho HO Inspect Master has a big ad over there.
Good he can screw up their reports

So, when and where will the NUPI convention be this year? Inquiring minds want to know.

Race:roll: :roll:

You know as well as I do, it doesn’t amount to hill of beans if your a member of any org. soley for the purpose of belonging. It’s what the inspector gains from that membership…
The important thing to our profession is the qualifications of an inspector before he /she is marketed to the consumer as “certified”

All any one, consumer, or HI, has to do is read this and ashi’s BB for less than 2 min., they will soon know the difference,
Examples: ASHI. the inspector must take a proctored exam, provide verified proof, that the inspector knows and understands the SOP, summit proof that the inspector completed x amount of inspections etc;

nachos policy, It’s none of the consumers business how much or how little the inspector knows, pay nick 289. take his on line quiz, promise to do other unverified things,

POOF, nicks members, your marketed as an “certified” inspector to the public

All any inspector new or experienced" has to do is read this BB to see, comments from new wantta bees,
Help I have yrs of building exp, built 100s of homes, but I cannot pass your on line quiz.
We all know what that, and taking your on-line quiz is worth as far as qualiciations to be a successful HI,
They might as well say, I took a crap and I flushed a toilet millions of times…:roll: :roll: :roll:

A week later that same person, takes your on line quiz several times, and them passes it, pays you 289.00, then poof he or she, is marketed to the public a"certified" inspector, competing, as an equal, with inspectors in the same org that were committed to the profession by completing qualified HI schooling, took a proctored exam, and more prior to entering this profession.:roll: :roll:

If you want to have a race, lets make it where it counts to the consumer and our profession. Then I’m in;-)

Oh BTW. Guess moms 30 day waiting period to give reddies is up, I’ll save the disgusting content till later.

Don’t forget Guam, Puerto Rico, and DC.

This is a bald faced lie put forth in much of ASHI’s propoganda. None of this is true.

One is a member of ASHI when his check clears.

He is then sent out on a quest to either (a) do 250 inspections on consumers who are misled by his ASHI “membership” or (b) do 250 ride-a-longs with an ASHI inspector, or © a combination of both.

He is not required to take any test at all to do his first 50 inspections. After that, he must take the lame NHIE…whose answers are for sale on the internet.

The ASHI lie becomes more and more evident as states turn to “licensing” inspectors in the absence of any real verifiable credential. Now, the minimum basic standard to get a state license has taken the place of membership in a quality association.

The ASHI lie. Not too many fall for it, anymore.

Ummm, you forgot to mention:

  • The proctored exam is only required for their “Certified” status; newbies with no qualifications only have to send a check and receive a listing on the ASHI site that dupes the public into thinking they are a cut above the rest
  • The verified proof is nothing more than a sampling of inspection reports, which cannot be verified to actually be accurate or even real, plus use of any major reporting software virtually makes a “compliant” report by itself
  • The “proof” that an inspector knows and understands the SOP is nothing more than a kindergarten-level pop quiz that you can take over and over again until you pass
    *]X amount of inspections is “verified” by having the inspector sign an affidavit, nothing more; as if the number of inspection is a realiable indication of competence (shilling for the realtors will easily get you past 250:roll:)

All I can say is the classes that I went to for ASHI and NACHI were no different when it comes to information and presentation. I never went to a class that the speaker did not know what he was talking about and both kept my interest for the topic discussed.

I don’t know how anyone can brag that one org. does a better job.

When it comes to ASHI, I know a home inspector around here that has been an “associate” for years. As long as he keeps paying, they have no problem keeping him. Some reason, he feels that the “associate” status if fine and going any further is a waste of money and time. At least that is what he told me.

a better job at what?

I forgot to mention :roll: :roll:

In support of your orgs continued attempt to decieve the public with your bogus watered down, non verfied certificiation that is sold for 289.00, You and bushart conventatly failed to read,

I clearly stated it was about certifications, NOT membership/and stated membership was only what an inspector did on his own to be sucessful.


Dan, you should come visit me one of these days and teach me how to do inspections of a home. It would be most appreciated.
I am always open to learn something.

It appears that you like to put yourself above everybodyelse. Why?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

So A$HI’s “certification” is superior because it has flashier superficial criteria?

Wannta explain how I like to put myself above everone else, :roll: :roll:

Never thought such, just quoting info from here, same info that is embarrasing to my and your profession.

Now here’s an example part of an email]I recieved, how I see a person is putting himself above others, in this profession. :roll:

Oh BTW. the email was from a highly respected member of your org.

No… Just stating the facts, ashi members are only “certified” and marketed to the pujblic as “certfied” after meeting ashi’s "certificiation requirements that are verified, and exceed taking an on line quiz and paying an individual 289.00
Didn’t I recall you stated that you joined ashi??:roll: :roll:

As previously asserted, the A$HI “verification” is a bunch of hollow crap. Care to explain how such crap as x-amount of inspections, report sampling and affidavits magically make the A$HI certified inspectors everything that the propaganda says?

NHIE, online quiz- what’s the difference? They are nothing more than a test of your route memory of inspection facts and neither are tough to pass. Let me guess, the NHIE is superior because some pimple-faced college student who is doing his homework while watching a televised baseball game is “proctoring” the multiple choice test I am taking on a computer in another room.:roll: And gee, one can take the A$HI cash cow NHIE over and over again until reaching the passing grade. Hmmm, maybe A$HI could fill up their bleeding coffers if they made the test next to impossible in licensed states requiring it …:twisted:

Yes, I gave A$HI a try and I found it a complete waste. Your point?

I think it is important to note that in the end ASHI & NACHI produce almost identical results… a quality home inspector set apart from those who do not belong to any association. ASHI & NACHI provide two not-so distinct paths to the same destination. I have been a member of NACHI since 2003 and ASHI since 2005 and if anything they are more alike today than at any previous time, maybe that because there many inspectors who claim membership in both associations.

What I am trying to say is save the energy being wasted on conversations like this and re-channel it into your business where it can do the most good for you and your profession, I think it is going to be a long year. :slight_smile:

Well said Joe T.

I agree that so much time could be spent elsewhere that would be much more productive.

Marcel :slight_smile: