Nah...Who needs that TRUSS anyway !

Hey Guys,

So…I am crawling around in this attic ( as we all do ) and well I noticed a moisture stain above the fireplace…in the crack between the roof and the support…I said…HMMMM>…

So I noticed…the truss has been CUT out…look close and you can see the supporting truss down low…just hanging…and above that center point is where the leak appears to be…

So I said to myself…well I will look on the roof…maybe I can say…water is pooling on the back side of the chimney…maybe just maybe becasue their is no support their now…heck I dont know…

So I am on the roof…and the back of the chimney is 29 3/4 wide…yep…not 30" which would require a " cricket" but I digress…stepped on the location…felt SPONGY…flashing looks fine…from what I can tell…

Stick the old moisture meter on be WET.....hmmmm..... you think the SUPPORT missing is a problem...or just the water.....lets see what posts we get...


My guess would be that the lack of support due to the cut truss has allowed a slight deflection in the roof and that pooling water backs up more than the flashing can handle, i.e. more than the 6"-8" that the flashing is under the shingles. The water then goes under the flashing and onto the decking and below.

Good catch Paul…!!!

Both … :wink:

I guess that builder wasn’t truss worthy.

Sounds like a groaner to me .
Roy Cooke sr


That was good pick-up.

What is that truss plate on the right that I am seeing?
As you measured the width of the chimney and found it under 30" should not be a determinate to say a cricket is not reccomended, three bricks and a head brick equals 29"/1/8 close enough for me to reccomend a cricket.

Where are the joist hangers?

Header should have been doubled.

Trusses would typically be doubled or the adjacent trusses have been designed to pick up the additional load.

Since one of the chord members was cut, what is holding up the ceiling joist?

You probably new I was going to jump on this one right ? ha. ha. ha.

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All of which was in the report and just one of those things you see as we do what we all do…:)…

Had similar sistuation posted it under interiors heading. What exactly did you put in your report? I tend to jot down what others write and use them also.


Just checking up on you to make sure the this scenario was not electrifying. ha. ha.
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