NAHB to release national green building guidlines.

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“Easy on the Eyes and the Environment”

Christian Science Monitor (03/03/04) P. 11; Gardner, Marilyn

Environmentally friendly features are gaining popularity both among buyers of both new homes and owners undertaking remodeling projects, notes Ray Tonjes of the National Association of Home Builders. A total of 13,224 green homes were constructed in 2002 alone, compared to 18,887 built between 1990 and 2001. Unlike conventional dwellings, green structures are more energy-efficient, incorporate recycled materials, and have better indoor air. The "greenest" home in Florida, according to the Florida Green Building Coalition, is located in Palm Beach Gardens' new Evergrene development. Its features include permeable pavers that prevent stormwater runoff; barrels that save rainwater for use in the garden; a swimming pool that uses sodium instead of chlorine for cleaning purposes; concrete walls to guard against high winds; expandable attic insulation; and an outdoor compost bin. The home also has a recycled-glass backsplash, bamboo floors, light and faucet sensors, a central vacuum, a tankless hot water heater, and dual-flush toilets. These green features account for $75,000 of the home's $400,000-plus price tag, but WCI Chief Executive Al Hoffman Jr. believes the costs will decline as green techniques catch on with more production builders. Demand for green homes has prompted builders in Atlanta to create a green remodeling program, and the NAHB plans to release national green building guidelines sometime this year.