NAHI attacks NACHI, ASHI, and everyone else in the inspection industry.

It looks like NAHI violates Virginia Code.

**18 VAC 15-40-140. Conflict of interest.
**" A. The certificate holder shall not:

  1. **Design or perform repairs or modifications to a residential building on which he has performed a certified home inspection as a result of the findings of the ****certified home inspection within 12 months after the date he performed the **certified home inspection, except in cases where the home inspector purchased the residence after he performed the inspection;
  2. Perform a certified home inspection of a residential building upon which he has designed or performed repairs or modifications within the preceding 12 months;
  3. Refer his client to another party to make repairs or modifications to a residential building on which he has performed a certified home inspection within the preceding 12 months; or
  4. Represent the financial interests, either personally or through his employment, of any of the parties to the transfer or sale of a residential building on which he has performed a certified home inspection.
    B. The certificate holder shall not disclose any information concerning the results of the certified home inspection without the approval of the client for whom the certified home inspection was performed. However, the certificate holder may disclose information in situations where there is an imminent endangerment to life and health.
    C. The certificate holder will not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one interested party for the same service on the same property without the consent of all interested parties.
    D. The certificate holder shall not accept nor offer commissions or allowances, directly or indirectly, from other parties dealing with the client in connection with work for which the certificate holder is responsible. Additionally, the certificate holder shall not enter into any financial relationship with any party that may compromise the certificate holder’s commitment to the best interest of his client.
    E. The certified home inspection shall not be used as a tool by the certificate holder to solicit or obtain work in another field, except for additional diagnostic inspections or testing."


CA as well. . .

And Illinois…

And AZ…

Unfortunately that is OK in Texas after the closing. Hopefully, that will change this year to follow the more widely accepted 12 month prohibition.

Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it Nick? You get back what you give.

Yep, I love it. I’m working to ban NAHI from every state and have been doing pretty well at it (lots of folks helping me). I hope to have NAHI’s unethical practices outlawed in all of N. America. The inspector is the only impartial party to a real estate transaction and once we lose that we lose our entire industry.

I also congratulate ASHI for taking the high road with their COE. When ASHI is right, they are right… and I’m the first to say so.