NAHI® CRI Certificates Now Come Signed by the Course Provider

This is necessary because of state regulations, including Vermont.

NAHI CRI Certificate


Very nice. Thanks again Nick.

Got mine downloaded. Thanks

Awesome, Thank you so much Nick. This is just one of the reasons it is wise to read the InterNachi News Letter.

I’ve tried to get my certificate downloaded and I get an “Invalid Request” error.

Ask for help at or

Hi Larry.
Happy New Year! Hope you and the family have had an exceptional Christmas barring the circumstances. Keep those little ones as happy as you can. God bless and here’s to a much better year for all of us. :pray:

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I saw this in the newsletter as well and have downloaded my certificate. Does this have any bearing or meaning anymore now that NAHI is no longer an association, or does this bolster one’s inspection credentials somehow?

Unfortunately, Vermont is not accepting these certificates. They want a CRI certification from NAHI and they are arguing that the certificates from InterNACHI are not valid.