NAHI Inspector to teach ethics

"As a member of The National Association of Home Inspectors, a certified real estate inspector, and owner of Hood Inspections, LLC, Larry Hood will teach the home inspection courses at Frederick Community College.

He said that it is important for him to cover what the commission has required, as well as extra details that he believes help home inspectors.

The 60-hour course will include 12 hours of marketing and ethics lessons that Hood added to the 48 hours required by the state."

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :freaked-: :freaked-: :freaked-: :freaked-: :^o :^o :^o :^o

From the article:

[size=3]"Top five things to ask your home inspector:[/size]
What is your training and experience in housing?
Are you a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors?
Do you have General Liability Insurance, and Errors and Omissions Insurance?
What will the inspection entail? What sort of report am I going to receive at the end of the inspection?"

I hate the ASHI pushers- Below is from the HUD website - I found these 10 questions which are much less biased toward any particular association…

Are you a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors?

this needs to go. but other than that we can learn things from other organizations.
I have certain ethics which is unlike ashi or nahi, ( though i do belong to nahi) Sometimes listening to people can give a different outlook and make some small changes much needed.
example: freind called today and asked if i could do an inspection for him. I could not remain unbiased so i turned him down.
Or I hear can you reapir this for me? My answer is no! Call a contractor.

I would love to do an ethics seminar, I have so much to blast out with other organizations.

If you love the sound of blasting, you have come to the right place…:mrgreen:

Welcome to the NACHI family forum.

Every ethical inspector should provide a link to the above HUD site in their web page. I do, and have no problem answering any of the 10 questions. But a NAHI guy teaching ethics?:shock: Maybe what he really means is “skirting the edge of ethics in marketing to realtors.”

I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest that. He has not made a statement that he will be teaching the NAHI version of ethics.

Dan Harris should attend the seminar, his ethics are in question as well his ability to understand them.

My ethics… :roll: :roll: Guess it depends on your definition of ethics.
I can honestly say I do not purchase non verifiable certifications identified here by many as a marketing tool] for the sole purpose of beating my fellow competers out of work,
I can honestly say all of my marketing tools, IE: time in bus, claimed ce, HI training, amount of inspections completed, prior experiences in the trades can be totally verified.
I have documentation of my annual ce verifications, documentation of report reviews, documentation of completed inspections that did meet the SOPs prior to having my association marketing me to the public as a “certified” inspector.
And oh yea, I have 3rd party documentation that I completed a proctored ethics exam, and a nationally recognized proctored exam, prior to being marketed to the public as a certified inspector.

I can honestly say, I have never refused to help another local inspector when asked, regardless of org affiliation or not, at no charge, or expecting anything in return.

I can also proudly say, I DO NOT support or PROMOTE and individual that has proven time after time his goal is to destroy other inspectors, that do not purchase his certificiations, by posting lies and false information at what ever price just to be the biggest.


Once again you are myopic. Many in Nachi have multiple memberships in other associations which require that.

If you are so helpful why do you repeatedly paint everyone in Nachi with the same brush. I know inspectors in other organizations that have jumped hoops and they are no better than Nachi inspectors and are being sued more frequently.

Try an talk with knowledge not what you think you want to hear and what you want others to think.

You do a great disservice to ASHI members of which I am one.

Disservice to ASHI members?
If you read my posts it’s not me associating myself with ASHI.
The only time I reference ASHI, is when asked.


Its a well known fact you are an ASHI member!

If you want to bitch about all that is wrong witih Nachi then join Nachi and bitch.

I bitch about other associations, but I am a member. So membership has its priviledges.

Ahhh. If you recall I did, bitched and was removed for bitching… Still waiting for my refund.:roll: :roll:

So sue.

Don’t confuse ethics with morality. An ethical person KNOWS what they should not do, but a moral person is one won’t do it.

Must be lost in the mail.

Thaaasts it… it’s lost with the 100s of thousands of foreclosure inspections, and nacho paper stands in front of all real estate offices across the country:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

So…why are you still here?

Apparently Dan is trying to prove himself a loser.

He proved that a very long time ago. All he is doing now is reinforcing it.:wink: