NAHI law-suit against NACHI

Anyone hear about this? Something about NACHI and NAHI link names are so close that certain links are going to NACHI’s web site and not NAHI’s. This conscerns me, I’m new to NACHI and love what I’ve seen so far.:neutral:

Just another day in the Inspection Association World. It will get filed with all the other 20 gazillion suits that NAHI has brought up against NACHI.

Doris Day had a great song for this. Please excuse the spelling.

Ka Sarah Sarah, Whatever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see… Ka Sarahhhhh Sarahhhh.

How did that sound. Pretty good ain’t I.

NAHI has come up with yet another new reason to blame NACHI for so many of their members quitting NAHI and jumping over to NACHI. They now say that their members have quit NAHI and joined NACHI because we have NAHI in our metatags. Silly. As if that is the reason they quit NAHI to join NACHI. :roll:

I can save NAHI a ton of money and time and just tell them why they are losing so many members to NACHI…

Furthemore, we *got it goin’ on *(as they say):

Look, I don’t hold a gun to any NAHI member’s head and order him to quit NAHI and join NACHI. They do it of their own free will. Blaming me or NACHI for their demise is absurd. The answer to NAHI’s membership hemorrhaging can be found in their total lack of reasons for their members to stay… in other words… they need to look into their own mirror.

And finally, NACHI has no rule that requires an inspector to quit NAHI to join NACHI. NAHI needs to figure out how to hold on to its own members… like NACHI does. I am very conscious of the fact that inspectors are free to choose to join all associations, one association, or none. Our 99% renewal rate (the highest of any trade association in the world, not just home inspection associations) is an honor we earned. I will work every day to make sure NACHI holds on to that top honor (which says everything). I suggest NAHI use their energy to try to do likewise, instead of spending it on filing lawsuits and sending out emails that blame others… like sissies.

I agree with Nick, their Law Suits are a pain in the butt. What do they think they are going to do bury NACHI in paper work so we will just give up and go away!!

Oh that is toooooo funny!

Like people get lost on the way to NAHI and don’t realize that they’ve actually stumbled onto a totally different org, but they fork out a tidy sum of money anyway.


If that were true, there would be lots of people pounding the doors for their money back and then running back to NAHI.


Can’t see it. :wink:

Careful - NACHIs were once just normal NAHI people who had a “C” injected into their brain stems by an alien from the planet Gromicko.

True NAHIs are a rare and disappearing breed. Beware of flying “C” 's.

NAHI members (all 34 of them) have drifted into the pathetic zone.