NAHI tells ASHI...."Fuggetaboutit"

NAHI has broken off unification talks and notified ASHI tha it has disbanded its joint venture task force.

Source please.:shock:

ASHI newsletter…received 15 minutes ago.

Why so soon?


I thought it was a done deal.

NAHI informed its membership yesterday or Tuesday that their BoD unanimously decided to disengage themselves.

They thought talks were a good thing BUT decided NOT to play.

In my own area - Many of our local NAHI Chapter members were PAST ASHI members and were NOT pleased with the possibility of a joint merger, etc with a group they’d already dropped and left and they made their feelings well known. I’ve heard other areas may have same feelings.

Working together on joint projects is one thing - the scare of a marriage was another.

Who knows all the reasons

Well, heck, if the marriage doesn’t work, they could always get a divorce!!!

Where is Obama on this one??? He could become CEO, as he is now of the banks and auto industry!!