Not trying to promote other orgs, but is anyone planning on going to the NAHI Conference in Orlando?
I won a free conference for it while at the COA Conference in AC and I’m curious to see how many NACHI members belong to NAHI as well.

I doubt that there are any. That mini association only has a handful of members and zero member benefits (you can’t have members without benefits).

I would go and see how they treat a None NAHI member
You might learn some thing about how they do things .
Please give a report on the Conference ,Congratulations on winning .

Will do, Roy.
I’m afraid that Nick may be right, though.

You have to try to imagine a world where 19 super smart InterNACHI staffers role out of bed every morning, get their coffee, come to a 5,100 square foot room, sit down together, and work 8 to 12 hours for InterNACHI members.

The next day, they roll out of bed and do it again.

The next day, they foll out of bed and do it again.

In such a world, the mini associations that charge dues for little more than logo usage can’t keep up with this. They’re buried alive.

And there just aren’t enough low IQ home inspectors out there to keep them afloat.

No arguments here, Nick. Keep it up.