Nailing into CSST

Many roofers are nailing holes into CSST around here. Here is video.

Thanks John!

What a brainiac move on behalf of the CSST installer.

When they installed the gas line and seen that it was touching the roof decking, they should of had more common sense. DUH…

Even though the roofer punctured the line, this incident is not the roofers fault.

Good video. I have never seen the csst in the St.Louis area. I will keep my eyes open. Thank You.

Found that today… Visible only from a distance, picture is zoomed in.

Rear of house over gas fireplace.

aug 19 2008 026.jpg

Great to know, thanks John

Good info John C.

Tons of that stuff around here…usually in the crawlspace, though. I have never seen it in an attic.

Local codes solve nothing. :wink:

Notice how the councilwoman was saying that all the codes and standards were followed and all the inspections were proper.

Apparently, they were not.

Just my 2 1/2 cents.