Nails left behind

Does anybody say anything about nails left behind on a new roof? I think it may have been the siding guys, whatever, I am used to roofers doing a good job picking up after they leave a job, but would it be nit picking to report it if they didn’t? I could always say they are a ‘tire hazard’ :mrgreen:

That and I hate new neighborhoods that are under construction always littered with all type of nails!

I think it was Nancy Reagan whose motto was “No nails left behind”. Also, a Spinal Tap song about that.

This is from a report I did about a week ago.

“There are several nails on the rear porch roof. I believe these are debris from the homes roof replacement. I recommend cleaning the roof to prevent rain from washing the nails off the roof into the yard and creating a safety concern.”


I used to keep a tire repair plug kit in my truck when I worked on tracts. Saved my butt a few times.