Name & Shame

I have moved this post to the members only section

Why did the Realtor get your clients report first?

Did your client tell you to give the report to the agent?

Did the agent pay the fee?

I think making a “bad” list of specific individuals is probably not a very good idea.

Hi Carl,

That is something that we can discuss at the chapter meeting on 3-11. It is an idea that I feel has merit. I have several agents on my black ball list.

I agree on a local level, but it’s not something that should be posted on this MB.

again JMO

And sertainly not in the for everyone section.:shock:


It would have to be in the members only section. To answer Todd’s question the realtor made all the arrangements until I got to the inspection I did not even know the client was not going to be there. I was never given any contact details for him. Like I said her action’s came back and bit her ***. 99.9% of the realtors I have worked with have been great its just the other few.

I had two called into me yesterday just to have them yanked away about an hour later. I had just finished an inspection in Belleview, FL and was on my way back home when the phone rang. There were two clients that needed a Home Inspection for the Mortgage Company plus a Four Point Inspection for the Insurance Company. One house was a recently remodeled 50 year old home and the other was a home approximately 40 years old. In fact the home I had just inspected had been built in 1951. Both clients were at wits end because of the requirement for the four point inspection. I explained that the Insurance Company usually provided their form and that I would complete the form as a part of my regular inspection cost plus the cost of a certified electrician to complete the certification of the electrical system. Both clients had called a minimum of ten different inspectors before calling me. None of them knew anything about 4 point inspections.
An hour later I got the first call. The danged Insurance Company required the use of their Inspector. I assured both clients that they could demand that their Inspector be used, but with the situation involving Home Owner’s Insurance in Florida right now they might be better off going with the Insurance Companies requirements. I did get the Insurance Agent’s names and now have an appoinment with these fine fellows next week. I don’t take anyone taking money out of my pocket lightly. I’ll diplomatically state my position and experience and work to get on their list of accepted Inspectors. There’s more than one way to skin this cat.