Naples Florida Home Inspection Company helps out!

Comprehensive Building Consultants, A Naples Florida Home Inspection Company decided to help the youth of today, by donating a van to an organization who desperately needed one.

When foster care children are 18 they are pretty much kicked out of the foster care system and on their own. With little knowledge on how to manage money and take care of themselves they are often left with a small amount of money and very little knowldge on how to get a job, apply for college and the problem that we saw was that they had no way to get a license. They did not own a vehicle and have no family so how were they suppose to take a driving test with no vehicle?

We found a solution and purchased a van for them to have. This is big enough for several of them to ride it, load and transport items and is presently used for the young adults to take their driving test.

We have been blessed and have and will continue to give back to the community.

For those who have the ability, it is a great feeling to help those less fortunate and it also gives our profession a good name and it really does make you feel good inside.

Awesome Man!

That is great Russ. Your company should be proud.

Looks like a great mobile billboard.
Charity and marketing all in one.
Good idea.

Well done Russell

Good stuff, Russell!

Very nice Russell.:slight_smile:

Great job, Russ

What a breath of fresh air in this sometimes stale world!:slight_smile:

Way to go, Russell!

Nice job Russell!

nice going Russ!

Nice thing to do.
I hope the karma comes back your way.

It has many times over…

Russell, your generosity will be rewarded in many ways.
Keep up your generous giving my friend.