NAR finally admits problems in their ranks...


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Oh, common. on. You don’t say…:shock:

I applaud them for having this report done, it takes some cojones to take a harsh and unflattering look at the state of your industry and then release it to the public.
Hopefully some change will come from it.

Maybe time for InterNAR.

So how do agents get experience, education and training before working?

Maybe we should look at the same thing in our industry…

At least a RE Agent has a “Principal Broker” back at the office to work with. We have this message board, and it gets scary at times!

I will say that the NAR has effectively fought off disruption by the internet. I think they should be commended for that.

The REA model was ripe for disruption but it hasn’t happened. Today, you can buy insurance without an agent, stocks without a broker, get a ride without a taxi and buy music without a trip to the mall.

Hiring an established agent is still the best way to sell your house for the most money…


Because they have access to all the Home Inspectors that are willing to do anything to get their referrals.


Absolutely we should first order of business should be to kick the trolls off the message board they help no newbie other than tell them they missed spelled a word. In my last 18 years I have seen the quality of home inspectors decline.

Example: I performed a IR moisture intrusion inspection today on a very high end vacation home owned by a Doctor and his Attorney wife they purchased the home one year ago and had it inspected by some clown in Tulsa . I was at the home less than 5 minutes and could see their water problem without my IR camera. Totally missed by the HI. I was not performing a home inspection but I stepped into the attic from the second level door and could see three items from the door that should have been on the report but was not.

The moral of this story is I smell something rotten in Denmark its not only a Real Estate Agent problem its also a home inspector problem its called a lack of training. The training is available its just not utilized