Condensing a narrative for a defects and deficiencies.
The idea is understandable, it is related to time and efficiency.

Now homies see canned narratives in some reporting software.
InterNACHI has a canned narrative CD and downloadable PDF.

How do you achieve this.
What resources did you use.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t believe in short cuts, or comments that lead to ambiguous meanings, or a clients misunderstanding.

Some report systems use letters, words and numbers to indicate “condensed” common inspection words.

However, I have from time to time collected various comments and references to inspection conditions that may be helpful in reporting. I simply -

Cut and paste from various threads…

Collect from other comments over years…

Buy them, several inspectors have created.

Evaluate ways of making comments on conditions more meaningful.

Thanks Claude.
Very good examples.
I hope other astute members add to this thread.


Don’t most of the inspection programs include narratives?

Good point Frank, forgot to mention that one!

I was hoping to hear some personal ideas on how to create your own narration.
How to condense and make a narrative your own.

Claude made several great points.
You all have by the way. Thanks!

I hope some new members come in the decision.

How is it a CMI doesn’t already know that/this? :shock:

Maybe he’s just trying to initiate a discussion for everyone’s benefit.

First, you got to have good knowledge of the English vocabulary and use a good spell check.

Use past tense and sometimes less is more.

I might add to you post Marcel, vocabulary is too large a task.
At the start a fundamental working knowledge of the subject.
The same can be said for Grammar.

I will also add, being tired can lead to mistakes.
It is best to be fresh and make folders on selective subjects.

Yes they do.
I use and prefer Horizon by Carson Dunlop.
You have to create your own narrative.
I also enjoy the fact that they save your reports for 7 years, at no extra cost, and are an all in one business tool.

I feel most home inspection software providers capitalize on the fact that new home inspector can not create their own narratives effectively and want to get to work.

Lot and grounds: Sloped towards the building.
Roofing: No gutter extensions. Exhausting to close to the building.

They do not have to learn about the deficiency and it’s effects. They just have to be able to observe what maybe a defect or deficiency.

Lets presume the lot slopes to the building.
There maybe a water control/management system in place.

When I see a lot slopes deficiency I am preparing myself in advance to the many negative effects it can lead to and know what to pay attention to in the home.

Also some of the narratives are dubius by intent.
Take the descriptive, “serviceable
Everything is serviceable.
What does serviceable really mean?
It can fixed?
If so, how much?
Why would it be economical to service it?
Can the pieces and parts still be obtained?
If so by whom?
What type of technician will I require?
Is it recalled?
How long would it last before another component in the system failed and had to be ***serviced ***seeing that it is serviceable?

InterNACHI narrative CD on the other hand is an effective tool! You have to use your head and interact with the software.
Thanks Nick.