Narrative / Disclaimer Help

Looking for some help on a descriptive narrative or disclaimer clause regarding this type of structure! The home was assumed or listed as a 80’s home with recent upgrades :slight_smile: there are at least two different types of foundations (Poured & CMUs), Three different sections of the home, two cellar type crawlspaces, logs and tree stumps used for supports, with other structural components that look like their from the early 1900s?

Some Additional Photos

You are off to a pretty good start with what you wrote here. Add descriptors and identify what you see. All you can do. What is there to disclaim? You didn’t build it. You are just reporting what you see and the current conditions.

Early 1900’s build with upgrades in structure over the years. :slight_smile:

Report what you see.

**This home is older than 75 years and we consider this while inspecting. We****reviewed the structure from the standpoint of how it has fared through the years with the materials which were used in its construction. Expect problems to surface as time passes. We will not be able to find all deficiencies in and around a property, especially in construction eras of the past.****While this inspection makes every effort to point out safety issues, it does not inspect for code. It is common that homes of any age will have had repairs performed and some repairs may not be in a workmanlike manner. Some areas may appear less than standard. This inspection looks for items that are not functioning as intended. It does not grade the repair. **
**It is common to see old plumbing or mixed materials. Sometimes water signs in crawlspaces or basements could be years old from a problem that no longer exists. Sometimes it may still need further attention and repair. Determining this can be difficult on an older home. Sometimes in older homes there are signs of damage to wood from rot and wood eating insects. Having this is typical and fairly common. Always consider hiring the appropriate expert for any repairs or further inspection. **

Don’t you love houses like these. They have multiple foundations, framing, plumbing and electrical systems. They usually have no insulation and asbestos is usually there if you look hard enough. Writing up reports on these takes at least two pots of coffee. Managing the buyers’s expectations, if they never owned a POS like this is a challenge.

80’s? Yup, 1880’s