Narrative for possible VAT

What’s a decent narrative that you might use if you suspect that VAT has been observed. Obviously, I can’t confirm this since I didn’t test the tile for asbestos. I was thinking…

" Although no test was issued for the existing floor tile, due to its characteristics, it is suspect that Vinyl Asbestos Tile is present. Recommend further evaluation from licensed asbestos contractor."


Given the age of the residence, asbestos and lead-based paint could be present. In fact, any residence built before 1978 should not be assumed to be free from these and other well-known contaminants. Regardless, we do not have the expertise or the authority to detect the presence of environmental contaminants, but if this is a concern you should consult with an environmental hygienist, and particularly if you intend to remodel any area of the residence.

Thanks for the input, Charles.