Nat. Certifcation Approved Education Providers

I have been searching to find approved educational providers as per the cetrification model. I have found the ones they have listed, and did note that they refer to tasks 1 through 24, which I guess are respect to what is covered under the specific program listed. So when a listed program is not covering all the required, where can I find out what the tasks 1 through 24 relate to specifcally? I Appreciate your help as I have to provide training to a new inspector and wanted to guide him with the right answers so that it follows the model as close as possible.

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Thanks John at this time there still is much information to come out .
You can be sure as soon as we know any thing it will be posted . Please keep asking and showing the interest. the more who ask the better for all .
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:slight_smile: The National Occupational Standards can be found and printed from the following website:

If you need any clarifications - please feel free to drop me an email. I sat on the CHIBO-phase 1 - NOS Committee.:cool:

Thanks Claude, but I have been there and the task profile chart is on page 74 and there is no info at present just the heading. Keep me posted as it updates or provide me another link if you can.


John Taylor

Have you looked at the CHIBO 2 Project document also posted on CAHPI site. Refer to pages 29 to 37. More specifically pages 51 and 52 provide a partial list of accedited courses/programs. Pages 48 to 50 notes the taxonomic analysis procedures. Page 15 provide the 24 NOS task rankings by a feedback group of 60 inspectors.

**CLARIFICATION **As a followup to my earlier post - pages 51 and 52 list courses and training providers that met a low-level review of meeting the NOS. This should not be interpreted to mean that they are “approved”. It just means that their course outlines were recognized to conform to the NOS. The review was important to the project to see what was available, and benchmark what tasks were met or not met. This provided the committee with some insight on potential learning opportunities aligned with the NOS.

In the next short while a higher level of scrutiny,review and verification will be performed to ensure integrity and rigour in the courses/programs. Equally it will allow others to submit their materials for consideration and review.

How can educational material be reviewed and standardized when CAHPI has no authority to do so? I don’t understand how educational institutions can be beholding to voluntary standards by non legislated bodies. Raymond Wand Alton, ON