Nathan Thornberry lawsuit including actual, never-seen-before exhibits. Wow!

Nick you rock !! this is some awesome stuff here. I couldn’t pay for such entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Give us a summary.
Last several are website shots of a inspection site.


Very interesting read. Of special amusement is the heavily lopsided agreement that apparently users must sign! I wonder if anyone really reads these closely or not before they sign? :roll:

I procured them all and posted them so that everyone can read the lawsuit and exhibits for themselves. A screenshot from this message board is one of the exhibits.

Yes the thread they took that from is here .

BTW what ever happened to the Pro-Lab Vs Whatshisname lawsuit?

Not settled yet.

Ah… Just a bunch of rich guys suing each other.

Every member of this org was warned, long ago, about the RWS agreement. Many laughed at those of us who raised this flag.

Now Mr. Thornberry is in a snit for violations of his agreement. Seems you cant offer one of his competitor’s products or services.

Could have predicted this. Actually, Jim Bushart and a handful of others DID predict this. Nathan used this org for all it was worth to build his business, now wants to bash inspectors over the head…

Good to see you Joe. Hopefully you hang around a while!

Great to see you Joe hope you are feeling well. Funny how so many were warned and not only didn’t listen but tried to argue and say we were wrong (Including Nick) now who’s laughing.

I would have thought some of these people would have had the ability to see the big picture and not be so fooled. Heck even with the Pro lab scandal still some don’t get it. Oh well they all deserve what they get.


After reading that post I don’t understand why some other HON related companies like Home inspector pro and others still do biz with Nathan Thornberry? heck even NACHI still does biz with him. Take a look at the monthly news letters they send out. Every month Nathan has some of his products being promoted there. Just bad biz in my opinion.


It about money. Its always about money.:shock:

Correct !!! I couldn’t agree with you more Mike. I asked Nick about this a few months ago, his reply was that Nachi has nothing to do with the news letter, it was all run by Bens wife. I am still laughing at that reply months later.

It may be ran by her but it is NACHIs News letter and is actively promoting the guy who is suing NACHI home inspectors and apparently screwed Pro Lab, so it is obviously all about the Bling !!

In my opinion The bottom line is that these guys like Hon, HIP NACHI, ASHI etc should grow some kahunas immediately cease all biz with this guy, all else is just talk.


I don’t know what he pays them to advertise but you guys get his money. It is how the monthly newsletter is funded (by advertisers) so that InterNACHI can use your dues for creating more and more Your InterNACHI’s newsletter costs you nothing. The advertisers pay for it. I suspect that almost anyone can buy an ad for anything.

Besides, Nathan wasn’t banned from advertising with our affiliates.

Furthermore, I believe the eNewsletter has an unsubscribe button.

And as always: InterNACHI does not accept paid ads (you won’t find them on our site or cluttering up this message board).


Good to hear from you Joe. I hope all is well with you & yours.

I also hope Jim B is privy to all of this. :smiley:

I know I guy that owns a national escort service, he does about the same as what fart candle guy does, can he advertise in the NACHI newsletter?

LMAO…I could have written that for you…too predictable.

Nick NACHI is profiting from the guy who stabbed you pro lab in the back, and is now going sue happy to some NACHI members and other industry vendors. Do you really need that money to keep the news letter going? I would think not big guy.

As far as your smartas…s comment about the unsubscribe button goes, that was unnecessary. I Love the news letter and do biz with a bunch of the advertisers and use many of the products and services offered on it, but simply skip over Thornberry’s stuff.


Again, InterNACHI doesn’t get a penny from Nathan and doesn’t sell any ads to anyone ever. There are no ads cluttering up our website or this message board. Never have been. Never will be.
Again, InterNACHI doesn’t “profit” from anything, it is a non-profit org and federally tax exempt.
Again, any money InterNACHI saves doesn’t go to me, it goes to you Jim. You take the money. You can give it back if you want by stopping your use of the member benefits that you take advantage of. Benefits that InterNACHI funds, in part, by not having to pay for a newsletter. I don’t have any of his money to give back and never did. It all indirectly goes into your pocket Jim.
Again, we have members of InterNACHI that like and use his products. Is it your position that if a fellow member doesn’t like a vendor you deal with, they should be able to stop you from doing business with that vendor? What software do you use?

So Nick, do you cosnsider Nathan is ethical in his business practices?