Nathan's book now sold on Inspector Outlet.

OMG… and it’s only $4.14 to ship the exact same method that everyone already paid $14.00 !!!

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Nicolai’s shipping rates are way better than most on-line companies’.:slight_smile:

Duh why would any sensible person want to pay good money for it :shock:

Attend the tour get the book for free no shipping and deduct the cost of the tour from your annual dues Double DUH and I thought there were business people here. Oh just inspectors:D

So which tour stop did you attend?

OKC did ya not see me hugging nicky:D


Cool! So what’d ya learn?

Or do I need to attend one in Chicago to find out? :mrgreen:

Ya have to attend its a!!!

That’s what I was afraid of.

I bought the book tonight and everybody knows how I like to review things so more to come :wink:

I finished it today and will review tomorrow.

So in your opinion was it worth the money I paid for it? :slight_smile:

That would be cheating.
You can decide on your own since you bought it.

:slight_smile: lol I just want to know if you thought it was a good buy. I’ll wait to see your review :wink:

Stay tuned. :cool:

Since you guys are up late I will say this.
“It has me thinking”.
Is that worth the price?

Good thoughts are bad.

So bad thoughts are good?