National Association of Realtors Revises its Lies ...

What do you do when you have been inflating sales numbers for years and years to make it appear that it was a seller’s market to help you get higher prices (and sales commissions) … and the bottom falls out and you have years of lower projected sales looming ahead of you?

Well, if you are the National Association of Realtors … you conveniently discover that the higher number you were reporting for years was an “error”. You then “correct” the “error” by re-publishing lower historical data.

Now, when you compare the lower sales to the previous years … it looks like a lower drop and gives you a chance to make it look as if the increases are more dramatic.

Man … you gotta hand it to these guys. They know how to make chicken crap smell like chicken salad, don’t they?

People will actually fall for this. You watch.

Remember, an “estimate” is just that, an estimate. It can be off by as much as 200%. I never rely on “estimates” for anything. Hard data, backed up by sources, is the only thing that counts.

With today’s technology there is no excuse to get these numbers wrong. All home sales are public record. They were using the media to drive sales and guess what, the public bought into it.

most of public buys into everything printed.