National Burger day!

Just found out that it is National Burger Day. Oddly enough I just stopped on the way home and bought a package of ground pork and a package of ground beef to make burgers tonight. “Hot pic” coming soon ;-):D:cool:

I’ll have mine medium rare a little pink inside.
No I meant the bun. Reeeeeeal tomato ketchup Eddie?

I like mine cooked but not burnt… Got to go light the charcoal. :slight_smile:

As long as she stays still for a little while…
Things can change.

I’m gonna try this one out over the weekend. Little bit different…

Substitute the meat with dog-crap and I bet it tastes the same! :roll:

So, you’re suggesting that I substitute the meat with you? :roll:

I had burgers last night, tonight was wings :smiley:

I did wings myself…Along with a pot of lima beans and ham.

sounds good :cool:

Wow, did you think that one up all by yourself? :|.)

Why you being so mean JJ?

Why does he have to desecrate an innocent hamburger with all that foo-foo crap that hides any semblance of what it is? Like I said, might as well use dog-crap as you won’t taste it anyway!

SO! You are bitchen at something you ain’t even tried…Huh?

He’s the one that tied it in with National Hamburger Day. That’s not a hamburger. Its dog-crap on a bun, and the bun is insulted! :shock:

Fraid you stepped into that one. Pardon the pun. :mrgreen:

Intended to post this last night but work happened.:cool::D;-)

How did I miss this?! I’ll have to celebrate tomorrow haha

So, share with us… what kinda burgers you gonna make??? :twisted:

Go…two patties (your favorite fat content and mix), garlic, fetta cheese in the middle, put them together, pack them tight (if they split while cooking, you dubbed it). You now have stuffed fetta burgers. Hickory or applewood chips in the smoke box and cook to your favorite finish. Garnish with favorites, pour a quality beer, thank me later! Enjoy!