National Cert. Poll

I think its time a poll was conducted to once and for all hear how Canadian Nachi members feel about National Certification.

Please vote, we as an association need to know once and for all how the members feel.

Please feel free to answer with multiple choices.

Thank you.

Hello Raymond…:smiley:

In my oppinion ALL HI’s should be certified to some kind of standard. Wether it be a national standard or a State by State (province) standard.

If HI’s are not regulated then any Tom, Dick or James can be a HI without any regard to testing or qualifications.
In my mind this is absolutly insane. If I was the HI God, I would make all HI’s pass the NHIE and complete 30+ hrs of **verified **HI training per year…

I should also mention that I would love to see some kind of across the board law that requires HI’s to be ICC certified within 3 years.

This crazy *** test that NACHI has is fine, but there must be some further edumacation( M ) involved:D.

I will, one more time, state that everyone that wants to be a HI should take Gerry’s ( I thought I knew more) test;
he has not released it as of yet, but I can tell you that it is a good test of your abilities, as far as recognition goes.

If you can get a 70 on Gerry’s test you will do fine on all other State mandated test.

Now all you need to do is beg Gerry for the test…:stuck_out_tongue:


While I agree, the problem up here in Canada is the fact that these societies are all self regulating, with no outside oversite.

I strongly believe licencing as the leveller, because in Canada too many self appointed, conflicting interests. The other problem is the manner in which this Canadian program has been instituted and developed. It wants to monitor, test, audit, but itself will not put itself under the microscope. Yes its a Tom, Dick and Jane organization.

Fwiw. I have formerly passed all the ASHI exams, and I am not against one bettering one self, if you stop learning you must be dead. :wink:

Lets see how many of the apathetic membership takes the time to express their views via the poll. Given Canadians attitudes it may not be all that telliing.

I don’t see “certification” as being anything most inspectors care about at all. Only inferior-complex-suffering inspectors worry about credentials.

Like I keep saying, while other organizations focus on certification, NACHI will keep creating more and more post licensing/post certification member benefits. We’ll see who wins.

So far only one person feels it could mean more business.
Do you feel the National will increase your business?


… Cookie… Not me I did not make this vote.

I do think CMI has helped get us many more inspections for sure

Just say out loud and see what sounds better to you !

I am a National certified Inspector!

I am a Certified Master Inspector !

Yes, that is why we developed an international professional designation:

Hi Nick

I think you are right. Repeated polls show just how few give a crap about the National.

You are right Roy. C.M.I. is an internationally recognized accreditation and it builds your business.

The questions are one sided and do not provide the other point of view. I can not answer any of your questions because I do not agree with any of them but do not have the choice to choose the other position.
I do not agree with licensing. It is not going to do what you want. If the licensing board is stacked like the administration of some associations then you will be worse off then you are now.
At lease you can ignore Associations that you do not agree with but a government board that is adverse to you can not be ignored. Your stuck and f**

Whether or not they care, there needs to be a minimum standard that one must attain to become an HI. This will provide the public with some assurance that they are getting an acceptable level of competence when they hire an inspector. If there is no standard the whole industry suffers.
The only problem with a minimum standard is that to many think that is all they need, and do not work to improve themselves and the industry.
Those that do not have the qualifications complain that they are not necessary. Once they attain them than they want everyone else to get them as well.

Member benefits are completely different than certification.

Unfortunately Nachi is losely organized, and will remain so as will CAHPI-OAHI.
Eventually licencing will happen in Ontario and the trend has started in at least two provinces.

The political and inspection climate are far different here than state side. Unfortunately Nachi has failed to realize this, it is not a democracy but a autocratic association, just like all the others.

At least you have the right to walk away if you do not like it and join another assoc that is more to your liking. If the government board goes sour you can not walk away unless you leave the country or your profession.

Which choice would you rather have? Leave the country or leave the Assoc and join another assoc.? The choice is dead easy.

Good points Vern…
Licensing can work however it is very risky if left to the spheres of influence…especially others outside of this sector

And how do you expect a self regulating body to manage its affairs given the historical evidence that suggest self regulation has and is a failure. There is no accountability. Otherwise the Canadian Associations would be flourishing.

Self regulation will not work in Ontario, the associations are too fractured, its to politicized within, and the apathetic membership will not support self regulation, just as CAHPI-OAHI and Nachi memberships are apathetic politically.

Two things about this pole

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 22.

(1) Only 22 have bothered to vote
(2) Only 3 seem to think that The National Certification will get them more business thats about 14% who think the National Certification is an advantage .
Pretty small odds I think.

Certified Master Inspector sounds better to the one who counts .
" The Public".

… Cookie

Vern noted several comments and I agree with them.

Certainly the poll will not change the mindset of “any” association based on the comments of a handfull. It may simply appease a few that are curious to seek answers to support their beliefs. That’s fine too.

The basic premise it’s a one-sided survey. As Vern stated “The questions are one sided and do not provide the other point of view.”

I read it, but did not vote for any. Perhaps that is why many others have read it and did not respond. That’s their choice too.

Then a great idea might be for you Claude to put in a pole that might be more balanced with the questions .
It would be very interesting to see what the results might be .
Thanks for your thoughts .
… Cookie

I don’t understand this post Nick, please clarify.

The poll was done on the fly. Response wise its like the poll conducted for statistical purposes for CAHPI-National. What were the numbers of response for that poll, I think it was 67 responses? That survey decided the direction of the National.

Claude, please feel free to conduct your own poll.

Either way with licencing on the horizon in BC, Quebec, and Alberta, that will be the trend. Just what the licencing will be based on remains to be seen.

Also of note any other poll conducted on Nachi regarding licencing and the counter arguements, the option of licencing always appears to come out on top.

Verns arguements are great, but in the end lets face it, Nachi does not have the strength, the numbers or the will to influence anything, unless members do it themselves.