National Certification

Every one day seminar I attend cost me over $1000, including lost revenue and seminar related expenses.
As a Canadian Inspector I think that national certificate is an extra tool I need to market myself in a very competitive urban market.
I think $1000 every five years - that is about $200 per year - is OK.
So I sent my National Certification application today.

Nalliah Thayabharan
Expert Building Inspections Ltd
Markham ON

Are you thinking out loud or are you just informing us of your intentions?

Either way good for you. Bill is passing out Hero Certificates to people like you.

Thats nice, … I fail to see how this certification will provide the tool you need in a very competitive urban market. Ontario already has a self regulating body that if managed properly surpasses the National Certification. But even that is folly because no one knows of OAHI let alone the National. CMHC is backing away from recommending one association. I can’t remember the last time I was asked about my affiliations and I have been inspecting since 1991. No body is able to provide proper answers let alone give complete details, nor willing to be held accountable for erroneous information that has been distributed So much for professionalism from a so called self regulatory body.

Of course thats just my opinion. :wink: Licencing is required to get rid of the rot that has taken hold by special self centred interests.

CMHC is backing away from recommending one association. quote]

Raymond, please learn to read before you spew your nonsense.

CMHC has never in the past and never will recommend only one association. Your recent messages to the leaders of CMHC at least provided some humour to their days. CMHC recently endorsed the CAHPI National Certification and they continue to do so. They did not endorse or recommend CAHPI, but they are endorsing the program and recommending people who are National Certificate Holders.

You’ll be happy to hear that some of us from CAHPI are now in Ottawa and we today attended (by invitation) the grand opening of the new CREA Head Office. Tomorrow we are their guests at their annual conference. On Monday I have been invited personally to attend a luncheon with the federal minister of housing who as guest speaker is speaking about housing and the CAHPI National Certification Program. I’ll send you a transcript for your scrapbook.

Bill Mullen

Stay tuned.

Bill I don’t give a s h i t, what you say, you have lied too many times for anyone to trust anything you “spew!” I guess thats why there is a huge division in OAHI about the National.

You are not the only one with connections in Government. Stay tuned.


Too Bad you forgot to take your diplomacy with you to Ottawa.
I see you are still in the attack mode this is so unfortunate.
Lack of courtesy tends to generate displeasure .
This is the only place to communicate with a large amount of Home Inspectors .
Bill NACHI has from the get go tried to help you in all directions and you just can not leave the chip off your shoulder.
when you have needed Information given out it has always been done hear.
You have never been deprived in any way in getting any and all information out that you asked for .
NACHI continues to prove they will help all, all the time .
It is so unfortunate this seems to be a one way street.

Roy Cooke

Hey Billy Bob,

Its like that bull s hi t you spewed in the Sarnia Observer, stating that all 5,000 inspectors would be certified by 2007! Or how about the time you spewed for fact that Nachi would be irrelevant, or PDI inspections or how about…

I am glad too see that some are still signing up for the National Certification .
Unfortunately for you to take it the cost is I believe $500:00 and for a NACHI member to take it is $1,100:00 .
My cost is 2.2 times what your cost is.
Lets see using the Figures Bill has provided 97 so far and you make 98 that looks like they need 4,902 before the end of the year to get the 5,000 that we have been told they will have before 2008.
Looks to me, too be ,just a Little short.
Good luck I do not expect your class will be very crowded.

Roy Cooke

WOW ! I see I have upset some one who does not have the courtesy to sign their name

National Certification 3/23/07 7:49 PM

I wonder could it be who did this to me . I guess the truth upset some one . Well this is exactly what I was talking about .
Some people do not like the truth
7:23 PM bmullen1 Viewing Thread E and O Re-newal](

8:03 PM bmullen1 Viewing Thread National Certification

I do not like to think it was Bill Mullen but my past experience with him sure tells me he is quite capable of doing it .
He has shown he can be very vindictive many many times .

Roy Cooke

What class, Roy? You don’t have any idea what you are talking about. we do not run classes.

Do you have anything you want me to say to the Minister on Monday ? I’ll be sure to report all the good news. Heck, I’ll even provide pictures of my meeting.

Bill Mullen RHI
CAHPI Past President
National Certificate Holder #NCA00001

As per usual Bill has to turn it around and not give any information .
You can call it as you wish Bill but we all know what I meant. When a person has to do an inspection and write a report and get marked on his inspection and tell the instructor what he saw and meant.
Class Is what you are seriously lacking
Thanks for your usual be belittling attitude .
Your methods are far from the best in trying to get others to see your side of things .

Roy Cooke

Bill would you put a good word in for me if I wanted to join ASHI .
Do I need a sponser and would you help me to become a ASHI member .
Roy Cooke

Bill mention my name to the Minister. Tell him if he wants to know the facts about how you and your colleagues operate to give me a call at 519-942-9800 thats my personal number. :slight_smile: Also mention my name to Kristen Scheel.

Mr. Mullen

Please clarify once and for all on this forum your current relationship with CAHPI and the National or official positions with same.

I guess having to be in Ottawa is going to cut into Bill’s 600 +/- inspections for this year. What do you think?

As always Bill has a propensity to take fiction and embellish it, propogate it into believable facts to those who hope for some miraculous outcome, because they themselves believe fiction is better than fact. If this is the best and brightest CAHPI/National has to offer fear not. No one has been willing to dispute fiction with factual documents when asked for proof positive, its made up on the fly.

I doubt even Mr. Thayabharan has seen all the documentation, but seems complacent with piece meal, incomplete and improper protocols via his parent association CAHPI-OAHI.

I found this on another NACHI post and I must say it Fits Bill Mullen perfectly.
(In Texas we call this a Blivit “cram ten pounds of sh*t in a two pound sack” ).
Bill should have realized that the NACHI home inspectors are all a lot smarter then he is and can see through his trying to bamboozle us.
He should have come unto the NACHI site with out his
( I am better then you attitude ) He can get away with this on his Canuk list as they have seen how ( he is KING ) and if you do not walk the way he wants you to he removes you .
There are a lot of great Home Inspectors on the Canuk site and much good information was traded .
I understand it is not used as much as it was.
I also know many come over to the NACHI BB to find out the truth.
If Bill comes Back with his mightier then You attitude I will post some of his many wrong statements he has made.
Sorry There are lots and I can not post them all .

Remember Whistler

Keep it up, Roy. Your continued misguided and misinformed attacks on me just show people which of us has more credibility. I really have no idea what makes you think it is helpful to anyone to drag a person’s name through the mud? It just pulls you down in people’s opinion and strengthens my resolve.

You have no idea how hard I have worked to ensure everyone, including NCAHI members, are treated equally. Nick is well aware of it, and I am extremely disappointed that he has not made this known.

Besides, I didn’t come here to get into a mudslinging session with you.

I just want to advise people that there will be a major announcement early next week about the National Certification that will be helpful and good for NACHI members and others. I and some others have worked hard to get this for you and we will announce it as soon as it is formally approved this weekend by the National Certification Authority.

Bill Mullen

Thanks for your openion Bill it has been you who has none stopped who has called me a liar many times when asked to please show me where you just throw more of your smart words .
I have finally give up and am now going to show people what kind of a person you are a very mean vindictive person who when he does not get his own way takes his ball and goes home .
I do hope you can show next week that you can play fair and treat NACHI members with the respect they deserve.
You do not even have the courage to sign your name when you give me a red star because you did not like my true post about you.
You are just a jealous man who always insists on being on top.

Roy Cooke NACHI where the truth comes out

We’ll see who comes out of this with any credibility. I’m betting on me.

Bill Mullen