National Field Rep. question?

Has anyone performed any inspections for National Field Representatives? I contacted them and they emailed me a background contract and it is asking me some questions I am not familiar with. It is asking me if I do property preservation inspections and how much I charge for PI___ and I&I___? If anyone could enlighten me I would greatly appreciate it.

I recently was contacted by this company to do a drive by type inspection. Very simple form asking if property appears occupied, lights,visible damage, etc. Took a couple of pics. Didn’t have to even get out of my truck. The only reason I did it is that it was on my way to somewhere else. Otherwise I wouldn’t do anything for $35.
That is what they classify as a PI (property inspection). Looking on the form they sent me for that, it looks like an II is Inspect and Interview.

I recently did a commercial inspection for them, 500 units but only had to look at 15, did a visual walk thru, took about 30 pictures and emailed the pictures and report.
I received the check in less than 30 days.