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This is a new program that is being worked on by myself and Dan Frend. More details will be available soon. The program should involve some really good fire safety training being made available to us. And also making the homes our clients are buying a safer place.

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The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), The NACHI Foundation, and The United States Fire Administration (division of FEMA) are partnering together in an effort to reduce the number of fire deaths in homes across the country. With the drastic rise in fire deaths in the home this year, a concerted effort must be made to educate the public on fire safety. NACHI and its partners are planning a number of initiatives to assist with this.

The NACHI foundation has started a Fire Safety Fund to help raise funds to support this broad initiative. Donations to this fund will be used exclusively to help our partners increase fire safety in homes around the country. All donations to this fund are fully tax deductible. Please send all donations to:

The NACHI Foundation
P.O. Box 722
Millersville, MD 21108

Gary (Snicker's) Johnson - Free NACHOS
The NACHI Foundation
Executive Director