National Home Inspectors Exam

Really well don’t plan on doing that lol


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Hello Danny.
The test is difficult because there are questions that you have to determine the best right answer. I studied for 3 weeks after I finished my school program focusing on vocabulary and test questions covered in class and our required text (NHIE Structural Systems and Business & NHIE Mechanical Systems & NHIE Content) I also used InterNACHI’s test questions (which they have over 2,000 questions),their flash cards app on my phone, and their classes online for areas I felt were not my strengths. I was able to pass on my first attempt. Something that also helped me was looking at the test as a measuring stick. The test will give you a diagnostic of your performance at the end if you don’t pass so you know the areas to improve upon. Yes it may cost you more to take the test again but when you pass and become an Inspector that will not matter. Good luck on your endeavor to becoming an inspector.

Danny, please let us know how you do-and best of luck!

Good info Ken!

And, welcome to our forum!..enjoy! :smile:

Want thank everyone for their responses, advice and input.


Good Luck Danny! You can do it!

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Yeah, Danny, it’s a piece of cake…just take the time to study this practice exam until you are in the 90s on a regular basis.

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Best to give them $500 and ask for test #2. Just kidding, but yea, I failed mine the first time. My advise is to study the stuff you won’t be inspecting. For me, I glossed over pools and swamp coolers and the first test had more than a fair share of questions on those two. Also, some are tricky…I got buffed on some HVAC pics/questions even though I know HVAC and have a background in HVAC. With that said, the second exam was a breeze. That’s why I said give them $500 and ask for the second test… good luck, and yes, get the study guide.

This is the book I used. Never did take the NHIE though. Found NACHI and followed their cert path.

I don’t see a link to the book you used. I had to pass the NHIE in order to obtain my Kentucky license.

Google Carson Dunlop home inspection book. Should pop up. It’s a pretty in depth book.

I was just checking my web traffic report and saw as a KY IP address hit my site from this forum. Hi! Lol… Love KY. Have family and roots in Milton

People that say the test tries to trick you didn’t actually prepare for the test. You do have to prepare.

I had never worked in construction and passed on the first exam.

Most of the constructive advice on here is right on. A couple days before your exam go to the NHIE website and find the links to the actual NHIE practice test. I think it cost $20 and is taken through the exam proctor website. It has actual exam questions, is proportionate to the actual exam as far as the number of questions for each system, and is scored the same way. Then at the end it tells you what you missed and where, so you know your week points. Study weakness and pass the exam.

The main thing with these proctored exams is you have to prepare for the exam as much as the material.

Everyone else jumped in so why not? I’ve always found that understanding the terms is the biggest thing. For instance, if you know what a king stud is you should be able to answer questions surrounding that. So, just make some flash cards with terms on the front and definition on the back. Write them yourself as writing them is a critical part of the process.

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I passed the NHIE today in Nashville. First time! It wasn’t terribly difficult but it wasn’t easy.

Most of the questions were phrased as scenarios and you had to provide the best answer. So instead of asking how often PVC is horizontally / vertically supported, they described a PVC vent pipe installation and then asked how many supports are required.

I actually purchased the NHIE books. I read them 3 times highlighting items I needed to concentrate on. Made a notebook of facts from the books and studied both. Arrived an hour early at the test center and reviewed my notes 1 more time. I also completed all of the InterNACHI practice questions 4 times during the preceding week.

If you’re testing with PSI answer all questions as you go but if you are unsure “mark” the question for review. After finishing all questions go back and review the “marked” questions. This is a feature of the PSI test system. Then review all 200 again. Remember to relax, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass the first time.

I missed 12 out of 200 today. It took me 2 hours to complete and I reviewed all the questions twice.

Good luck!

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Good going, Stephen!

And, welcome to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Also passed my test today. I failed the first time by a slim margin. 2nd time i really focused on the 2000+questions from internachi. Also taking internachi classes on areas i felt least confident in. Passed 2nd time thru. Many trick questions so read carefully.

My advice…dont spend any money on their study guides or practice tests (NHIE). They get enough of our money for their overpriced ripoff test.

Just my 2 Cents

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I do agree with you, PSI charges $50 for a practice test, extra, rip off for sure.


Congratulations, James! :smile:

I passed my exam yesterday and passed first try, I agree with many that some of the question seem tricky or had to do with some things we typically would not see in Wisconsin. Studied mostly internachi materials for about a week and a half pretty heavily before. Work your way thru, mark the questions you are not sure of and go back. run back thru it one last time before completing. Found some that i change on the last run thru


Congrats! :grinning: