National Inspection Database?

On a networking call today, the mortgage broker said that his industry is discussing (among other changes) the creation of a “centralized, standard inspection database” with the goal to expedite the closing process by bypassing inspections. Anyone else heard of this?

Sounds like we really need InterNACHI to keep all eyes and ears attentive to any attempt to hurt the HI industry and to quickly and proactively lobby/ advocate flexing some muscles.


I haven’t heard of that but thank you for the information, Frederico. :smile:

That would be like the fox guarding the hen house… And a conflict of interest.


For what I understood, the idea is, if there is a “previous inspection” on the database (4 Point, Full Inspection, etc) done in a certain period of time (say 3 years) , that would suffice the lender.

Oh yeah! what could possibly change in a house within 1,095 days :thinking:


Standardization is evil in every form and the bane of any profession which requires both technical acumen and the linguistic artistry to compose a document which accurately describes the current condition of a real estate property to the extent that a buyer would be comfortable making a financial decision.

Like I said… fuck em’.

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That might be sufficient for the lender, but what about the buyer. It wouldn’t fly in Maryland anyway. The law already specifies:
§ 164A01 (iv) “Only home inspections performed by Maryland licensed home inspectors will be recognized as a valid home inspection under a real estate contract”.
That statement and some others are supposed to be presented to the client with the report in bold 14 point type.

Haven’t heard of it, but like others have said…it seems problematic.

I would suspect the broker may have indulged in a shot of high proof spirits before the call

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