National Occupational Standards

As promised, here is the draft version of the National Occupational Standards, with the letter I received, for your perusal and elucidation …

(I’m not sure how to add an attachment to this message, so if it doesn’t work, be patient with me…)Professional Home and Property Inspector NOS Survey March 2008 Final.pdf (90.4 KB)

Dear fellow Canadian Professional Home Inspectors:

In late 2000, as part of the CHIBO National Initiative, about a dozen well respected and experienced inspectors from across Canada met in Toronto for a full week of meetings to determine exactly what Home Inspectors do when they perform a Home Inspection. What they were trying to establish could be called our ‘Job Description’. The results of this marathon meeting became known as the National Occupational Standards for Home and Property Inspectors. (NOS) These standards were studied and eventually ratified and adopted by CHIBO and the CAHPI Steering Committee in 2001.

Besides being a job description, the NOS also provided a blueprint for future decisions that would be made by almost all of the committees and councils that have been created as part of the National Certification Program. The NOS are the foundation upon which the entire program is built.

Since rules, regulations, techniques and industry standards are subject to change, it was decided that the NOS would be reviewed about every five years to ensure they mirrored actual inspection functions and criteria. In February of this year, a select group of volunteers from across the country met to review the current NOS and suggest changes and improvements. The results of their efforts are reflected in the attached NOS Task Validation Survey, which we are attempting to get into the hands of as many Canadian practitioners as possible.

We ask that you complete it and fax, e-mail, or mail it to the consultants before May 15, 2008. Their contact information is on the survey.

This is an opportunity for all Canadian Professional Home Inspectors, regardless of association or lack thereof, to have some input into our futures. Once the results of the survey are compiled, the new, updated NOS will be circulated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill Mullen, RHI
National Certificate Holder #NCA00001
Chair - NOS Review Committee

Thanks Paul and Bill for the Post.
I think much time has gone into this unfortunatly ,I do not think it has come out as good as many had hoped .
There is only one answer to all questions and not enough room for comments.
I filled in the survey and then Just gave up as I see little advantage in this one .
Sorry thats my thoughts others might agree.
The answer I got for every question was 5.



The point of a survey is to get opinions. If what you say above is your opinion on the survey and its contents, send it in.

Nobody is looking for everyone to ‘rubber-stamp’ anything, so if you feel changes are needed, the only way to make it happen is to voice your opinion. Doing it on this forum won’t go anywhere. It must be done directly to the professional consultants.

Bill Mullen

Will Do …Cookie

I would like to reinforce what Bill said. This document is not set in stone, it is malleable depending on what sort of input is received.

This is an opportunity for you to take part in the process.

Read the document carefully. Grade each section to reflect the conditions in the area you service. For example, when it comes to air conditioning, I rated that lower, since in my part of the country I rarely see an air conditioner. Should a home inspector know how they work? Absolutely, but to a lesser degree, is what I put on the form.

If you want to comment on the definition, then you can do this too. And I am sure that if you wanted to add a covering letter that would be welcome too.

This is an inclusive process. Take advantage of it. You have until the middle of May.

Perhaps this may help explain why the NOS and the feedback is deemed important. We all have a stake in assuring continuity and identification of the key job skills required.

As Paul Blakey indicates it is meant to be inclusive, so the opportunity is now resting with those that do care about the profession and the future.

Thanks, Claude:

I was looking for that document, and you had it all the time. :slight_smile: Great work as usual !!!

That clearly tells us why we go through this process and how.

Bill Mullen

The consultants have told me that several NACHI members have already sent in their surveys. That’s terrific, and thanks. It’s a chance for every inspector to have some impact on our future.

One problem we have with this project is that we want to contact as many inspectors as possible, but there is no easy way to contact the thousands of people who are not members of any organization.

Any ideas ???

Bill Mullen

Happy Easter Bill,

Can CMHC put it up on their site?
What about OAHI on the public side?
What about CAHPI/National site?
I will put it on Cdn. Federation of Independent Home Inspectors site.
I can post it on Inspection News and Inspectors Journals?
I have posted it on the OAHI CAFE.


I sent mine in I also sent a copy to vern ( ) .
I think the more who can add ideas could be a help .
I see nothing wrong in Having this sent to The INACHI western member as others are using the INACHI site to ask for information .


Happy Easter back atcha. I’m pretty well buzzed on a chocolate high…the bunny was good to me.

I’m not sure if CMHC will post it or not, but it’s worth asking.

The CAHPI provincial associations have been asked to post it. Whether or not OAHI will do so is, as you know, anybody’s guess.

It’ll be on the CAHPI & NCA sites this week.

Those other sites you mention are good ideas.

Thanks a bunch.

Bill Mullen

Absolutely, Roy.

If Vern or anyone can use the information, that’s terrific, as long as it’s all kept in perspective.

When all the surveys are in and the results are tabulated, we might all be able to use the information in a few different ways. The final information will be available to all.

Bill Mullen

Placed on

Inspection News
Inspectors Journal
Cdn. Fed. Ind. Home Inspectors board


How do we get to that C.F.I.H.I. board Ray?

Happy Easter George,

What about the various colleges and other teaching establishments for home inspectors? They should definitely have a copy, as it will certainly impact what they do.

Those who have expressed previous interest in the National Certification have been sent copies for information purposes only. The NCA office has a bulk e-mail system that I’m sure has gone to them*.*They will all of course receive the final version of the Revised NS when it is ready several months from now.

I guess the bottom line is…the more widespread this becomes, the more encompassing and valid it should be.

Bill Mullen

I agree, that it is important to disseminate the NOS for review, however consider the reality of these points -

  1. It is likely that the vast majority will not respond - so let’s prove that theory wrong!

  2. The vast majority of people in colleges and other home inspection training courses taking the courses are not active participants in the profession - so I am uncertain to suggest what impact that may have on skewing the statistics.

  3. I agree that a large majority teaching the courses “should” be aware of the NOS, but many are not or seem to care not! Those that do care are often the ones leading the change, not waiting for the change!

But all in all - good suggestions to get the word out. Beyond that it’s a number game.


Re the intro on the NOS survey I read this sentence which I believe is not entirely correct. I know many inspectors who provide this type of service as I have on occasion. Where did they get that theory from?


The NOS addresses the standard for the prototypical inspector. We do not NORMALLY provide Code Compliance services. However, some individuals might do so, just as some might offer Thermal Imaging, etc.

Now, lest I sound like I’m not agreeing with you, I don’t want to influence how you respond to the survey. Anything and everything in those pages is up for review and discussion, so please send in your comments. That’s what the consultative process is all about.

BTW: Thanks again for spreading the word.

Bill Mullen