Navigation Pa(i)ne

After using this board for approx. two weeks, I have have been annoyed by the absence of a repeat of the top of the page navigation pane at the bottom of the page.

This feature was available on the old board, why not on this new one?

Chris, what do you think? Can you add it back?



What’s a repeat? I guess I’m not missing it since I guess I never used it.

I think he means the “return to top” feature on the old board–
I liked that, too.

Chris??? HELP!!

look at the bottom

		** 				[Contact Us]( - 				[NACHI.ORG]( - 				 				 				[Simplified Version]( - 				 				[Top]( 			**

Try the “Home” key, which takes you to the top, and if you’re at the top and don’t like it there, preferring to be at the bottom, hit the “End” key and you’ll go to the bottom.

#-o Russel, I do not know what we would do with out you…:lol:

Well I suspect not as many people would be enjoying margaritas, The Beatles, and Star Trek!