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In October 2022, InterNACHI asked John Feagans of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control & Pesticide Division to provide an opinion about NC home inspectors inspecting and reporting upon structural wood damage possibly caused by wood-destroying organisms during a home inspection. Read the public opinion email.

NC home inspectors, upon observing some apparent wood damage during a home inspection, are permitted by the NCDA Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division to report that the inspector observed damage to wood or the structure. But the inspector is not permitted to state that it is due to a particular wood-destroying organism.

As long as a specific wood-destroying organism is not identified on the report, then this type of inspection is permitted by the NCDA Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division.

The home inspector should also recommend further evaluation by a NC-licensed Structural Pest Control Applicator in order to avoid possible violations of the N.C. Structural Pest Control Rules & Regulations.

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