Near death event is a stark safety reminder

A few days ago I was watching my grandson’s football practice. The BOOM! a loud crack behind me. This boom hit a power line. The man in the yellow shirt is attending to his partner. I observed 2 foot flames shooting off the back of the man lying down. By the grace of God he survived.

The boom operator had no ground spotter, no wheel chocks, no insulation on the cage etc…

Some of us may use these devices for commercial inspections or other projects. For me, this was a stark reminder not to become complacent. Stay safe!


Wow. I bet that was scary. Glad he’s okay and thanks for the reminder.


Right, I immediately called 911…was put on hold! The control board shorted out and the boom could not be lowered. It was more than a dicey situation for quite a while.

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Was the other guy in the basket when it happened, or did he have to climb up the boom to get to his partner?

They were both in the basket together. The guy in the bright yellow shirt (operator) was spared any injury. The guy lying down took it all. Not sure why.