Neat Tool Bag System

A friend of mine recommended this site to me and the stuff there looks pretty good to me.

Should we get the whole cart?:mrgreen:

I don’t know Gerry. It looks awfully neat. Neatness scares me and makes me suspicious!

Might not fit in those cars Government Motors is now building.

Maybe should of said cool. :wink:

Sure it would. The cart has wheels, just hook it up like a trailer. Though looking at it, the cart still looks bigger than the car.

Put a couple of rolls of TP and a few bars of soap in the top, and your all ready for your trip down the hotel halls. :mrgreen:


If it doesn’t fit on my belt, then it is to bulky…:wink:



I agree with you, hate carrying around more than you actually use. Posted for those fellas who dabble in other things.

I love carrying more to the inspection than I actually use (I used to carry in 4 tool boxes on every inspection, open them up, and spread everything all over the kitchen). I love that thing Gerry. Thanks.

Do I smell a NACHI discount coming? :mrgreen::wink: