Nebraska school district allows studens to pose with guns for senior pictures.


This is how attitude changes are made. We need to view guns as we do fire extinguishers… tools to defend people.

Years ago there were gun clubs in many high schools and it was common to see rifles in the back of pick up truck windows (gun racks) that were in the school parking lot. It was just another day. I taught all my kids to fire a gun from the time they were small children. Once they gained respect for guns, they “never wanted to play with them”, even though we left loaded guns in the house all the time. The first thing we did was teach them gun safety.

No! Guns belong on a hunting trip or in a locker at home. Further desensitization to them is not the way to go with today’s individual. Most people that tout the benefits of guns were brought up in a different time, with a level of respect taught to them by their elders. Those folks are not generally the people perpetrating these acts of violence. Although, some were highly trained individuals with weapons. Today’s youth are being brought up by Grand Theft Auto and whatever war game they have at home, single parents and meth. Chances are, they have killed a few hundred virtual people by dinner time and a few thousand by the time their meth high wears off. Nope! People that have been brought up to respect guns seem to be the ones who get this the least. I get what our rights are. Like having children, their are some people who really shouldn’t have guns in our society. Just tough to filter those folks out. Since we can’t and because we also have social media and a 124 hour news cycle, we have an epidemic on our hands. Soon, it may really feel like you are killing zombies.

AH :slight_smile: Refreshing to know that not everyone has lost their mind.

Great shooting is one of the safest sports out there :slight_smile: Shooters and hunters should be proud not ashamed.

Everything is all fine & dandy until a school shooting comes to your town and innocent children in your community are killed.

Then people seem to gain a completely different view of firearms.

I graduated in 1979 and throughout my k-12 years I never even gave school shootings a thought, they didn’t exist. Today it’s in the back of all school children minds, how sad it is that our society has devolved into that.

Maybe its time for you to reconsidered your gun free zone stance.

Killers don’t like being shot back at.

So you think schools shouldn’t be gun free zones? :roll:

With the exception of police and well trained security, schools should be gun free zones.

And correct me if I’m wrong but the shooter in Marysville Washington yesterday shot & killed himself, there was no good guy with a gun to stop him from killing one person and critically harming others.

The problem is people don’t properly handle their guns. If they aren’t using them they should be locked up in an appropriate place.

I guess kevy desires schools remain free fire zones.

Why does he hate children? :wink:

I guess the next thing will be the kids in Denver posing with joints in their mouth.

It’s still illegal for a minor to possess pot.

But thanks for the straw man