Need 25 Inspections in Virginia

I am trying to get licensed in Virginia. I have completed all course work. I need to pass exam and get 25 home inspections with a licensed Home Inspector. I am confident I will pass exam, however, not sure about how to get 25 inspections. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this. Anyone looking for an apprentice in SW Virginia? Any advice would be appreciated.

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You might have to contact inspectors 50, or so, miles away because some inspectors are fearful of training their competition.

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Hi, I am a Texas inspector and I started out working for someone. I learned a lot along with marketing techniques, setting up s/w plus I got at least 300 inspections under my belt before setting out on my own.
I am doing fairly well after 1.5 yrs in business. Takes time to build realtor/client base. I’d recommend working for an inspection company first. Good luck.