Need 2nd opinion.

Rural property with 200 amp service coming in.

I could not find evidence to a ground wire to a rod but I did trace a wire clamped to the well supply.
Unfortunately 2 sections of well pipe are replaced with plastic.

Outlets and GFCI tested ok.
I was going to comment I found no evidence of a ground on the exterior. Have an electrician check.

The GEC or lack thereof has nothing to do with a receptacle ground. Two entirely different purposes.

Yep thanks. I was told that before and thanks for reminding me. Electric is not my strong suit.

The comment really should be the questionable grounding electrode system or lack of. If their is doubt in the existence of a GES then I would recommend it be evaluated by a licensed electrical contractor.

As you know a “Ground Rod” is only one option to establish an electrode system and quite frankly if you are unable to determine if the system has a GES you need to comment on it for review. While option (Eight) of 250.52 may be at play here…chances are it is not so if you again are unable to determine then defer for review.

Thanks, and yes my comment calls for review by a licensed electrical contractor.