Need 4 Point Help

I did a 4 Point and found some minor electric and roof deficiencies. Citizens made my customer have repairs done.

I re-inspected and saw all repairs were done, so I issued a new 4 Point report without any deficiencies on it.

The AH ins agent is saying that Citizens will not accept the new report without some comments on the repairs. I have never heard of such a thing.

This is the same AH agent who insisted I needed to fill out a RCF-1 even tho I submitted a valid 4.:roll:

Pls, no advice from non-FL inspectors…

I hope to hear from someone who does a lot of ins insps.


I always alter the original form and check the boxes that show no deficiencies. I leave the original notes in the report and add that repairs have been done. Included are the pictures of all of the repairs with the receipts for all work done (on contractor invoices with their license number). I also mention that I do not warranty or guarantee any of this work. This system has worked every time for me.

FYI - this is the format that the agent told me Citizens wanted used

I’ve done the same many times, never any pushback.

In this case, the simplest thing would be to state in the last report that all repairs listed in the previous report dated 1/1/13 have been made. Everyone (except you) will be happy.

I think since you turned in a 4 point inspection with deficiencies, they will want to know what was done to correct the problem and when it was performed. Turning in another clean 4 point makes it look like perhaps the client did nothing other than pay to have you do another one noting no deficiencies. How is the company to know the client did anything without advisement of such.

Thanks, Mark. And remember, stucco inspections in FL are easy.

All stucco installations are done wrong!:slight_smile:

So, if I were not available to re-inspect and they had to get someone new, how would this be handled, Glenn?

I would simply tell the client to submit the repair invoice to the insurance company and that is the end of it. If they want the report changed, I could do that and include the invoices.

Client said Citizens would not accept the repair receipts.:frowning:

I’ve never had a kickback for that either.
Two choices, though. Either take the time to prove the agent wrong or take time to give the agent what they want.
Which will consume less of your time?

Glen is on the money. This seems to be a new thing we had one questioned a week or so back. If the agent is turns in a 4 Point to Citizens with listed deficiencies, this kind of kick back can occur.

Add to the narrative, that repairs…were completed by home owner. List month and year. No observed deficiencies remain at time of inspection, list re-inspection date.

Most agents know it is a waste of time to turn in a 4 Point with deficiencies…But some still do.

Or…just don’t list any deficiencies and use the four-point for what it was originally intended for! :slight_smile: Updates.

Good point Glenn.

Jay…have they ever asked for receipts.

I can’t answer that question for sure as I don’t work there but I surmise it would be handled the same way. Citizens docs are all handled through a portal, so they would have had the original 4 point to view as well as notes as to why it was rejected. If another inspector sent one in clean, more than likely they would have rejected it and asked to provide the same information you were asked to do.

I do find it odd that the repair invoices would not be sufficient though. Oh well.

They have never asked us for receipts. If the client has the receipt and it is set up correctly, they will use them. But in most cases, they want a clean inspection. Often they reject clients repair receipts and request the inspection.

Invoices on a licensed tradesman’s letterhead with the repair and verbiage that the component was inspected in good working order is important.

Add to the narrative, that repairs…were completed by home owner. List month and year. No observed deficiencies remain at time of inspection, list re-inspection date. Add new pictures and initial areas where comments were amended.
Had Citizens refuse to accept two re inspections this past month because I had not initialed the newly added comments