Need a few more beta testers

We need a few more Windows beta testers for our awesome new version about to be released. If you’re game, let me know! If you’re using ISN there’s a huge new feature in there for you too!

I see the differences in the mobile captions, but not ISN features. Where am I missing it Dom?

Count me in.
I don’t have ISN.

You are missing it where he said Windows.

Windows phone, or windows desktop? If it’s only desktop, I’ve got an android phone, windows 10 desktop, and ISN, count me in if you want…

Are you talking about the desktop beta? Look over the version notes.

Beta email sent!

Any idea when it’ll be ready to go? What about the Mac version? Is this a free upgrade for hip 4 users?

Mac version is almost done. All HIP 4.x upgrades are free for HIP 4 upgrades until HIP 5 comes out. Then it depends on what services you have and when you last bought/upgraded if it’s free or not.

I am using Windows at home and an Ipad in the field. Does that count?

ALOT of nice new features in the new version, the mobile ISN integration rocks! Thanks Dom

Yep! Really good.
For one I like the larger icons.

You don’t have to squint anymore to see what you’re clicking?:mrgreen:

Oh man!
my girlfriend’s will like that:)

Oh man!
my girlfriend’s will like that:).
did you say clicking or Cliting.
I’m sorry I’m old.

Oh man!
my girlfriend’s will like that:).
did you say clicking or Cliting.
I’m sorry I’m old.

We’re adding more in there too as the ISN integration is still lacking a few more things we want added.

4.7 is becoming 4.7.1 as there were a few great suggestions from you guys that we wanted to get in. Then we hope to get the new update out asap!

Just fix the landing page…:slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re referring to? Send me a private message.

The ability to add captions in the summary area… click on the pic to see full size pic… click on the caption area to edit/add captions.