Need a Picture Hi-lite tool?

Where can I find a simple, easy to use highlight tool. Ie Circle a problem, point arrow to add to photos in report. name the package or source vendor.

Here’s a great little photo highlighting and annotation tool:

Seriously, Buy HOME INSPECTOR PRO. comes with the tool installed and about 20 other Gadgets you will learn not to live without.



I know this sounds like we are all being paid to promote HiPro but we’re not. (At least I’m not) :wink:

We are just super thrilled with the flexibility of the HIP products and the outstanding customer support we have received from Dominic Maricic for his products and non-product issues like computer questions ans Search Engine Optimization.

Ralph, there ore other great products out there but I encourage you to give Home Inspector Pro a try. Download the demo and give it test drive.

There is even a discount for InterNACHI members.

If you don’t have a website or want to change, Dominic can get you going on that too.
He is offering a 3 month free trial of his web hosting services.


FREE, fixes a lot of problems, back lighting without washing out the foreground, side-by-side, pic overlay etc…

Then there is HIP! :slight_smile:
You can upload a hundred photos and the report will still be small enough to email.

I hand paint mine.

You may be able to find it at I find a lot of things there.

Thanks to all! I bought the multi-color highlighter, & a photo album. Same pix to all clients, as they don’t know the difference! Put the X on the side of the boat to mark the great fishing hole!!!
Thanks again for the great input… Like the Wisper tool program, small fast & simple. Will check out the others.